Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ramapo College is a friendly, encouraging school where professors are easy to approach and students work hard to pursue their goals.


This school had a beautiful campus and for the most part, the majority of the professors really wanted their students to learn.


Ramapo has a fairly new campus. There are no stone buildings and classrooms that you sweat to death in. The buildings are all knew, with glass windows as the walls of the buildings. All of the buildings are air-conditioned and heated. The fields for sports are across the street from the main campus, all organized together. Other than that, there are multiple dorms around campus with the Academic Building and Business Building at the heart of the campus. The Village apartments for seniors is all the way on the right side of campus blocked by the general parking lot.


Ramapo College is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. It is located in the heart of the Ramapo Mountains and is like a scene from a Thomas Kinkade painting. During the Fall semester, the leaves are just changing and when you look out of your classroom or residence hall window you can see the mountains and the trees changing colors. The campus is very new and has many contemporary buildings, but there are a few areas that resemble old cottages from a fairy tale and it is so beautiful. The hills at the campus make everything look so elegant and graceful. I love walking through Ramapo and admiring the beautiful scenery and gorgeous buildings. In the winter, the snow shelters the trees and makes everything look like a winterwonderland. It is amazing how the campus evolves over the course of the seasons and it is so picturesque to look at.


It's a school with frustrating bureaucratic issues, an out of touch administration, and public safety that's more focused on busting kids for petty infrations than actually protecting them - however, it's a place that allows personal growth and the opportunity to really discover your passions, beliefs, desires, the person you are versus the person you strive to be, and your own concept of happiness.


Ramapo College is a phenominal school because of their high emphasis on quality of education.


A small, relaxed school surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees with many wonderful professors.


Ramapo is a school where everyone is free to be themselves and it strives on the success of it students.


My school is very diverse and involved in many causes and is always open to change.


Ramapo college is a pretty campus but is not exactly the place you think about when you think "college" .


Ramapo is a diverse school committed to exccellence.


Lehigh University is a prestigious school that allows students to become fully prepared for their occupational goals by setting them up with highly education professors who truly care about the quality of each student.


A school surrounded by tranquility and beauty, that is friendly and open to new people and ideas.


My school is small and quaint but it does not have a good social setting because everyone goes home on the weekends.


Small and friendly school


Ramapo College is an outstanding institition where you will learn a lot, and have a great social experience as well!




It is just the right size; teachers know every one of their students and always available for consultations and make every effort to help their students succeed; campus is very scenic; there is a friendly and relaxed attitude; variety of activities and social events to interest everyone; variety of classes and times available;


Ramapo College is such a wonderful school. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself, as well as learn everything you need to know.