Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are pretty freidnly but a little cliche (but most colleges are cliche).


Ramapo students usually fall within a few categories, there are those who are highly involved with the "liberal" aspects of their education; they are interested in joining clubs and talking about social equality, those who are dedicated to their majors and spend time researching/working on their projects, and those who are passing and/or do not take full advantage of campus ammenities.


At my school the women's center is very active in trying to educate our school population on all types of different issues. I find this to be very helpful because it prevents ignorant comments and feeling educated about certain subjects makes me feel a lot more comfortable.


the students usually have a lot in common even though interests range from sports to music


The students at Ramapo College are of a wide variety. At most colleges or universities you can put a percentage of the ethnicity of students on campus but there is an even division at Ramapo. All of the students are open-minded and loving towards one another. There is a Women's Center where LGBT members or anyone is welcome, it's a great place to express yourself freely without being judged. Most students either dress down for class or dress up, its a very free spirited school.


Ramapo has many different people and the diversity on our campus is what makes this place so wonderful. We have groups for everyone regardless o your religion, race, nationality, sexuality, socio-economic status etc. We really have organizations, majors, clubs, and groups for everyone. What I find to be really great is that organizations mesh well with groups that are polar opposite to themselves. Bringing together different groups of people contribute to the appreciation our students have for being different and diverse. Most students are from New Jersey, however, we have a lot of international students from overseas. That is so cool! A lot of our students are very active in politics. I have found that we are very liberal here. However, the diversity of the school really brings together everyones differences nicely.


At Ramapo College, the classmates are all students from the general area in New Jersey. I have yet to encounter someone who is not from either New Jersey or New York. It seems as if most of the students who attend Ramapo College are either commuters, have transfered in from a community college or are using Ramapo College as a temporary school before transfering elsewhere. The classmates seem to be interactive and engaged in their studies; however, often it feels as if there is a major gap between those who are greatly educated and those who need academic help.


My classmates are a melting pot of cultural, religious, racial, and economic diversity, which allows for a rich environment in which we can learn from one another in addition to learning from our classes.


My classmates are very friendly. Many of them are commuters and easy to relate to. People are smart and able to interact with each other. My fellow classmates seem not as stressed out as the kids who go crazy at college with course work. The people aren't drugged up either. They seem as normal as a person can be for being at school.


My classmates provide a challenging atmosphere that encourage me to voice my opinion.


My classmates are very friendly, always looking to help one another out and always pushing eachother toward success.


My classmate are all welcoming and accepting.


My classmates are a lot like me because they are looking to graduate in four years and come out of college experience and ready for a full-time and strong job.


Classmates are always willing to work cooperatively and help those that need help, friendly, and have a high work ethic.




Some people are in school just to get a degree while others deeply want to understand and learn about new concepts and subjects.


My classmates are extremely friendly and helpful.


Most of them are similar to me, liberal and interested in learning mostly for the grade and occasionaly for the information


They are focused on succeeding and always willing to help each other; there is a sense of comraderie in that we are all in this together; most are very friendly, organize study groups, include everyone; very easy to make friends; open minded to others' ideas and opinions; non-judgemental;


They are fun, friendly, humorous, and articulate.


My classmates are all different, in that many are very friendly and nice, but many are not aware of the diverse world all around them, having grown up with strictly their own race ever since they were born.


My classmates are generally white, middle-class, liberal, intelligent regulars.


There are some people that really care but most just try to skate by. A lot of good education but you have to take advantage of it.


doesn't really want any thing to do with you.


All of my classmates at Ramapo College of New Jersey have been extremely friendly and helpful. Especially in classes where we all share the same major, every student wants to see his/her friends and peers succeed. Almost everyone is willing to help you if you're having trouble and can lend a hand when you're in need.