Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People should not attend this school if they are just looking to party. About half of the students commute and the school has become more and more selective recently, looking more for students who are there to learn rather than there to party.


Every "kind" of person should attend Ramapo College. Especially a person who has dreams and aspirations of one day being successful and happy. Ramapo College has a program or activity for everyone whether it be a club or sport!


A person not wiling to study, try their hardest, and succeed in life should not attend this school. If someone does not wish to be in college then they should not take an opening away from someone who really wants and needs it.


If you really don't like the cold then you shouldn't attend this school. If you are looking for a bigger campus to get lost in, then you slso shouldn't attend. The school is small and the class sizes are small as well. The teachers do get to know you on a one on one basis. So if you are shy, then this isn't for you either.


Someone who is looking for a lot to do on the weekends should not attend.


If you are NOT a person that enjoys small class rooms, wonderful dorms and campus buildings, friendly faculty and staff, and welcoming students. If you do enjoy these things, then Ramapo will be perfect for you.


One that cannot easily do things/meet people on their own. I feel that whoever comes to ramapo has to be more independent.


Someone who has to go to football games, because we don't have a football team.


Someone who is not willing to complete schoolwork or willing to succeed.


If you want to live in a city where you can walk everywhere, Ramapo is not for you. You should not attend this school if you want a lot of school spirit (we don't have football or pep-rallys), if you want diversity in the classroom (a mostly white population), or if you want to live independently in the area after graduation (Bergen County is too expensive for recent grads). You must live on campus so someone seaking a frat/sorority house should look elsewhere. Ramapo is not for elitists; its middle class and quite happy with that.


Someone who is expecting to spend more time partying than studying should not attend this school. There is a very strict alcohol policy here, and most people are more focused on schoolwork anyway. The social life is pretty much dead here, so party animals should probably stay away.


If an applicant is not interested in the outdoors then there may be an issue. Many activities occur on our sports fields and barbaque areas. I would recommend that a student who is majoring in business/communications should not attend this school. Although Ramapo College has just built the Ainsfield School of Business, many graduates have a tough time finding a job in the right location and amount of pay desired. Ramapo is not very ethnically diverse, which may make some students feel awkward/ out of place.