Randolph Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Randolph Community College know before they start?


The best advice I could possibly give myself would be to stop slacking on my work and get myself under control. I was in a early college high school program and if I would have done actually paid attention in classes, I would have been able to graduate high school with an Associate's Degree. I would have changed my life so that I would not have spent more money then was needed to get my Associate's Degree. I could have never of went back to community college if i would not have slacked off as much as I did during my junior and senior year. I slacked off due to work and friends. These two reasons are the main reason why I was not able to graduate with my Assocaite's Degree. I would have told myself to stop hanging out with the people I was hanging with then and to not work so much. School is way more important then making money and having friends. I need an education far more then money and friends.


I would give my high school senior self the advice to open up, make more friends and try new things, because college life is a more social setting with more people. College requires students to have more writing, speaking and leadership skills, so I would tell myself to engage in more activities outside of school and to gather experience working in groups and interacting with people. I would have encouraged myself to participate more in class discussions and to acclimate myself to being around people. It’s okay to put yourself out there and take chances, because they can pay off. Being shy and reserved holds you back and you miss out on important opportunities for yourself. I’d make sure my past-self understood that forming relationships, sharing your opinions, having a voice and daring to dream makes life much more enriching, and would better prepare myself for the demands of college life.


I would tell myself to not let what I cannot see affect what I can do. Often times I let everthing from home affect and bother me to the point I lose focus on what is in front of me instead of focusing on me and my goals. Keep my eyes straight on the road and never look back.


To save up more money for tuition and other school expenses and to refine my drawing skill a bit more.


I would have taught myself better studying skills


I would tell myself to take a deep breath. Fully enjoy your last year in high school and spend time with those in your life. Soak up as much as you can while you're there and take every option to grow in your studies. Taking the community college route is a great option, but don't settle for what you know is less than yourself. Be sure to continue on to a university because you know you have the brains and ultimately the drive to do it. You will actually end up motivated for more school, though you're ready to quit now. Be excited for the unknown and not afraid. You don't have to have everything figured out going into it. Life will take beautiful twists and turns, but you'll feel even more amazing when they're complete surprises. Friends will leave your life as you continue on, but don't let that bring you down. You'll make better ones in the end and eventually your best of all. Remember to hold your chin up and don't become lazy. You're just beginning the best years of your life, trust me!


If I could go back in to the time when I was a high school senior knowing what I know now I would have listened to my mother more. Listen more less talk back. I wouldnt had put my friends first, in those years we all tend to think that our friends know more then our parents, parents never understand and havent been were we have in our teenage years. Which is defintely wrong! In those years we think parents were born grown up until we go through our own trials and issues. I would have taken the PSAT serious along with studying. I would not had been so concerned about a job and the normal teenage things. If I wouldnt had been so hardheaded then I could have went straight into a university but now being in my 3rd year at a community college I see that all these things matter. Its the little things in life that are important, but at the stage of life in the teenage era you never can get the big picture until its to late and all the friends you thought you had in high school wont wait on you to catch up.


If I could go back in time to high school I would tell myself to study a little harder and pay more attention because I am going to need some of this stuff atleast one more time. I would tell myself to go straight to college after graduating and that I shouldn't wait because without an education in life, you have nothing.


You are doing great. After school get yourself a full-time job and raise a family. When you turn 28 you will know exactly what you want to be so go for it and give it your all or die trying. Don't let anyone stop you from showing the world that disabled people are just as good as normal people. You have the drive to succeed so go for it! Show 'em what ya got!


This is an easy question for me since I didn't take high school nearly as seriously as I should have. I would definitely tell myself that it is much more worth it to go ahead and do my work, and do my best at it then, rather than having to try to do extra and make up for my lack of effort now. This is something that sort of haunts me because I have the confidence that I could have went to any university I wanted to. But, for some reason I didn't find it important to take advantage of the opportunity that was handed to me for free. After the death of my mother I sort of subconsciously shut down as far as school went. I would like to have told myself to take a step back and look at my life and how fortunate I am for everything that I do have, and should only strive to make my life better at all costs.