Reed College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The relationships I'm able to establish with my professors are the best part of attending Reed College; whenever I'm diffident, or even outright disengaged, I can approach my professors here to ask their help regarding the material and their advice regarding college in general. I've never had that kind of rapport so consistently with my professors before. On the day of my biology final, I was able to approach various professors with last-minute clarifications on the material, and they each spent about an hour with me--I'm sure it helped my performance.


The intense academics, the availability of professors, the height of the expectations placed on you as a student by the professors, and despite all this the fact that it is not a terribly competitive environment among the students. The only person you compete with is yourself. This teaches you how to think critically, and how to push yourself academically. Though the social and local environment is alright, if you come to this school it is for one thing, and that is academics.


Reed is an intensely academic environment. It teaches students how to approach all aspects of life with a scholarly outlook, and is unparalleled in its preparation for graduate school.


The love of learning here is phenomenal. Everyone is incredibly dedicated to their fields of interest, including most professors.


The best thing about Reed is, hands down, the professors. My professors are the most brilliant people I know and many take a personal interest in how well I do at Reed. They are wholy responsible for how excellent the education recieved at Reed is.


The best thing about this school is the emphasis on learning. So many opportunities to explore your own areas, to learn what you want to learn. Despite the pressures of classes, the environment is very relaxed.


The academics at Reed are phenomenal. You learn how to think critically about everything, but you also learn how to think creatively. The majority of the professors here are amazing, and even if you dislike a class, it will be challenging, and you will learn something from it. I have never taken a class at Reed that has been easy.


The people and the professors, the campus and the excellent education.


Reed is about academics. It's a challenging, sometimes unforgiving environment, but if you love to learn (and I do) there's no better school. Whether you're interested in very detailed knowledge in one field or in wide-ranging survey classes, every day (literally) bring opportunities to expand your mind and experience.