Regent University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Honestly, my school is best known for its law program. However, because the law program is so distinguished that it attracts undergraduates to the School of the Arts and Sciences.


We are known for being a small, young, Christian university that has lots of hipsters and is average in the difficulty of it's academics.


Spiritually rich atmosphere and Christian community of leanring. Christian Leadership to Change the World!


It is best known for being a grad school although it now offers an undergraduate program now.


Regent University is a University that was founded by Pat Robertson in the 1970's. Pat Robertson's dream was to build a University that was both academically strong and Christ centered. I believe that this describes Regent University well. Regent University has excelled in the Law Department, has produced a multitude of "Teachers of the Year" in public schools across the nation, has a top-notch online program, a growing undergraduate program, and has, of course, a thriving Divinity School. Regent University's campus is full of historic charm yet is in the center of bustling Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Regent University prides itself in, as its motto unashamedly declares, "raising Christian leadership to change the world." After completing my freshman year of study, I can safely say this is not merely an empty statement. The administration, the faculty, and even the campus staff all do an excellent job of delivering a high caliber education with foundations in Judeo-Christian principles without sacrificing academic integrity.


Regent University is best known for being established by Dr. Pat Robertson and holding a standard of excellence unlike any other Christian university. Regent doesn't have a load of rules like other Christian universities because the students are treated like adults and held to a biblical standard of excellence.


The school is best known for its law school and for its communications department.


Christian based educational opportunities, available both on campus and online.


Regent University has always been a school for Communications. As the school grew, they were able to incorporate different courses, which have also flourished and become popular.


My school is best known for being founded and run Pat Robinson. Other than that the Law school has brought us some recognition with the compitions it has won.