Regis College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study hard and get good grades


Dont be afraid to try something new and try harder. It will pay off in the end. Manage your time wisely. Plan for everything, plan every moment so that nothing is wasted. Remember people come before things and enjoy every moment because it goes by very fast. Most of all live so that you will have no regrets.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that I should go to college where I want and not where my parents want me to go. It's my life and I need to be in control of my decisions and that I want to do in life. I would tell myself that in the long run I have to live with my decisions, not my parents or anyone else so I must do what is right for me and respectfully decline others advice that I disagree with.


The advice I would give myself would have to be time management. Managing your time is highly important.A schedule for fun,hw,studying and relaxing is helpful. Also, Using resources provided at the university


As undergrads we think, "We must declare" But as the years roll by, we learn We really aren?t aware Of who we truly are And what we?d like to do Try different fields and subjects That?s my advice for you A Bachelor?s degree, they say Will land you that perfect job But as I learned the hard way I was just another ?major snob? I thought I knew what I wanted I pursued it to the end And in my final year I learned ?I simply can?t pretend? This wasn?t what I wanted I evolved and I had grown Unfortunately for me though, I had to reap what I had sewn I should have come in thinking, ?Try new things and explore? But I naively thought, ?I want that job more? Now the time and money seems wasted I shouldn?t have tried so hard to impress I should have toured more colleges And gone to a school that cost less! It?s only now that I know what I want The irony?s quite cruel So my advice to you is to try it all And save the big bucks for grad school!


There's many different options for higher education, therefore students and parents should make sure to put a lot of thought into the college and university selection process. The more time students spend researching the college and programs they're interested in, the more comfortable they will be with the final decision. An advice that I would give to students is to pick a school based on what's important to them and based on their impression. Don't let parents or friends push you into a decision that does not feel right, because you're the one who will be spending four or more years at college, so it's got to be a place that you're excited about. When you have chosen the correct college make sure you manage your time wisely, study, and not interfere your social life with your academic life.


I think the main piece of advice that I would give anyone who is making the very difficult decision of picking a college is to pick one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Don't try to change yourself through the new college; it normally doesn't work and it will just cause you stress and anxiety. The moment you find yourself at home in the new campus and able to interact with the students, you will realize that the college is meant for you. As for making the most of the college experience, be outgoing! Don't do the same thing every weekend, try to meet new people and try new things. The more you learn in college, the more fun you will have. College is a time to grow and experience new things!


Make sure you complete a lot of research about the school including visiting the school, interviewing at the school, attend overnight visits if possible, obtaining lecture about the school, talking to students currently attending the school, and etc. Make sure that you will be comfortable, have fun, learn and grow at the school of your choosing. And most importantly make sure the student selects a school based upon their own decisions and ideas because, after all, this will be the student's jounery and no one elses. Take the time and put in the effort to make sure you attend the school of your dreams.


I would probably advise parents and students to visit each school the student may be interested in before beginning the application process. It is better to get a field of the campus and what the student will be experiencing. I would also have to say that if the student does not receive all of the money they expected, once the student receives their financial aid package, they should make an appointment to meet with a representative to tell them that they would love to attend the school, but under their circumstances, they need for money. Most of the time they offer the family more money. Once the student has decided to attend the school of their choice, I would advise them to get familiar with all of the resources the school has to offer. The beginning of the school year, the student should get involved in as many extra carricular activities as possible, in order to meet new people and maintain busy.


Finding the right college really depends on what you feel the best setting is for you to learn. I chose Regis College because it has a beautiful campus and the students and staff were so welcoming. I have never had a problem fitting in, and the class sizes are at a maximum of 40 students so I feel that I get more one on one attention than I would have recieved at a bigger school. Another factor to take into concideration when applying for colleges is if you feel comfortable with the people and surroundings. Most likely you would be living on-campus and there is nothing worse than being stuck in place that makes you very uncomfortable. Your success depends on how well you do your work, and if the setting that you are in is uncomfortable, then the quality of work you produce can reflect that and your grades will suffer because of it. Stress and anxiety come with college, but if you choose a college where those are not factors to begin with then you have already put yourself at an advantage.


Go to the college first, talk to students and or professors, and do research. Keep in contact with college representives so you can find out more about the college/university. In terms of making the most of the college experience, make friends, join different clubs, and participate in different activities. Most importantly make sure that you get your work done. Parties and friends will always be there, but you your education will not always be there. We are getting older and no one wants to be stuck at age 30 trying to get their bachelor's degree when they had that opportunity ten years before, but they blew it because they were focused on friends, and partying.


Look at what each school has to offer and really look at the differances. Each school will provide a different experiance so go visit Every school you are looking at take a tour, go to class, stay over night etc... because just that little bit can sell a school...


Don't go into college thinking you know what you want. That is the biggest misconception. Go to the college that best suits you. Don't go for a specific reason, because everything else will be a big disappointment. Go to a school because the overall atmosphere is to you liking.