Regis University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Again, Regis is best known for excellence in the aquisition of knowledge and personal character rooted in serventhood to others.


This is a school centered around religious study of all religions while allowing you to explore you relationship to God's World. The Jesuit education is rigiorous, up to date, and will prepare you for graduate school and beyone.


Community Service


Our school is best known for our Science programs and our ability to get jobs after graduation.


Its a tie between Ranger Week and the Snow Ball. Snow Ball is great because you get to have just a couple more years of going to a dinky little dance- its just like a high school homecoming, but with older kids. It's so much fun too- people take themselves a lot less seriously than high schoolers at homecoming do, and so it keeps all of the fun in the dance. And Ranger Week's just a hoot. A whole week of goofing off and having a blast- powderpuff football, eating contests, free shirts, and then Ranger Day? Last year we had a mechanical bull at Ranger Day and boy was that fun.


Ranger Week is probably the best tradition Regis has. It's kind of like spirit week in high school, where each day there is some other activity planned. It's the week before the last week of classes before summer, so it's a good way to have fun before we all have to start studying for finals. They always have a hypnotist and the Mr. Regis pageant, and last year we had a fireworks show after Mr. Regis. The final event is Ranger Day, which is kind of like a carnival. There's always food, games, a beer garden, henna tattoos, a band, and last year we had rides as well. It's a really fun event that the school puts on.


Regis University is best known for the academic rigor it provides. The school is an example of the Jesuit Tradition and the emphasis that this order has placed on academics. This University embodies the philosophy of each student's place in the world and how each individual can contribute to various communities: campus, city, country, world, and humanity.


Regis University is best known for their Jesuit Catholic tradition. As the only Jesuit Catholic school in Colorado, Regis is highly sought after and has many applicants every year. Secondly, Regis is also known for the quality of nurses their program educates. Nurses from Regis University are generally guaranteed a position shortly after graduation with little or no competition.


Regis is best known as one of the best Jesuit Schools in the Country. It is hard and exclusive to get into, but if you do you'll get the best of the best Education possible. The hard work put in is well worth it because you know when you go to move on, either into a career or to further your Education, you know your chances are great because the school is so highly regarded.


Our school is best known for the nursing college.


Small classes and being a Jesuit University. Our programs in business, nursing, and PT stand out as well.


It is a prestigious Jesuit University


Regis is best known for being a small, private Catholic school.