Regis University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am attending Regis University through their online program. I would tell other people that attending Regis online is just like attending a regular brick-and-mortar university. The instructors are hands on, and very knowledgable. The class size is limited to fifteen people, so the instructors are quick to respond to emails and grades are posted quickly. The online computer science program at Regis is comparable to a traditional university.


On many occasians I have had the opportunity to brag about Regis University. I always start by describing the capmpus. The school is tucked away in its own oasis away from the rush of the city. Everywhere you go on campus you can find benches and tables tucked away in tree coves and large grassy areas; perfect for studying. I then move into talking about the classes and the professors. Most of the professors are incredibly personal and learn everyone by name. I've had some of the best conversations with my professors. And that's just the begining.


My favorite bragging right in regards to Regis University is the fact that all students must complete a community service project in fulfillment of the Jesuit philosphy.


I brag about the quality of education at Regis University. I have learned so much since freshman year and the professors are excellent role models and mentors. My experience with professors and education are things I enjoy telling people about.


the mountains are close so you can be skiing in under 2 hours after class


I brag about the class sizes and my schedule. I am able to have three or four class days a week and not feel overwhelm ed. I also love our campus; it's gorgeous and well managed with a great friendly, caring staff.


It is very close to the mountains. There are so many things to do outdoors near Regis that it is a paradise for those who like to be active outdoors. Whether it is skiing in Keystone, A-Basin, Breck, Beaver Creak, and Vail, rock climbing in morrison, or rafting in durango, there is so much to do...its a blast!!1