Regis University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of students at Regis University is that we are studious and focused. I would have to say that this stereotype is true for the most part. People also might think that because it is a Jesuit university that religion is forced upon the students, and this is not true.


A stereotype of Regis students is that we are all rich students. This is not an accurate stereotype seeing as all students receive some sort of scholarship from Regis.


Often the stereotype associated with Regis University is that it is an overpriced Jesuit school. While tuition may be fairly steep, the scholarship opportunities that are offered by Regis help to even this out.


Regis University doesn't really have a stereotype. We are a small, yet diverse, campus.


Regis University has a community that does not adhere much to stereotype-based cliques. There are groups that find themselves particularly tight-knit (such as the Honors students, various sports teams, and other extracurricular groups) but members of these groups tend to branch out as well and have many friends with many other interests. From an outsider standpoint, Regis students are typically seen as very smart and very dedicated to social justice and change in the world. This is true - but contrary to popular belief, Regis is home to a diverse student body in terms of both religion and politics. Any stereotypes that do exist within campus boundaries are more along the lines of a student's major but there is little negative effect of these stereotypes.


I would say the stereotype is that everyone on campus is Catholic and a nursing student. While these are both very common among students, I wouldn't say that it is an accurate portrayal of our school. Personally, I am neither Catholic, or a nursing student, and most of my friends are not nursing students either. We're all majoring in many different things from Communications, to English, to Art, and Education. A lot of students classify themselves as Catholic, but most are not really practicing, so I would discount that stereotype as well.


Regis students are normally pretty down to earth people, who are academically focused and very active outdoors people.


I have heard many people be skeptical towards my choice of school because they think that Regis University is only for rich Catholic kids but in reality you don't need to be rich to go here ( they offer many scholarships) and you don't have to be catholic (they are accepting of all religions!


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