Regis University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any person who is not open and willing to be challenged to the excellence shold avoid Regis University. This university and its professors strive for the utmost in education and aquisition of knowledge. Also, one who does not prefer to engage in the social responsibility to surrounding communites would be advised to aviod Regis. This university holds in high regard its duty of serventhood to those in the community that are poor and/or are in need through a variety of outreach programs.


A student who is not willing to work hard should not attend Regis University. This person should be able to commit to a college that pushes you to be the best student you can be. Regis encourages students to do their best and will help the student along the way but they have to put in the effort first.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't very intertesed in recieveing a college diplomia from a harder school, Regis is a school that does have a little challenge that comes with it, so students who just want to brezze through college wouldn't really enjoy it here


If you have a difficult time branching out and meeting new people, making lots of friends can be hard since not many people converse with eachother during class. If you want a big party school with lots of school spirit, then Regis isn't for you. There are plenty of things to do if you put effort into it, but there won't be huge ragers on campus. (They are very strict about possession or obvioius intoxication.)


Personally, I am not the type of person who really thrives here; hence why I am transfering. However, I don't think it should be said that any type of person SHOULDN'T attend this school. I struggled because of not forcing myself to get myself out of my comfort zone and because of it being my first year since preschool to have new classmates or have to make new friends. That being said, though, I think everyone who is interedted in attending Regis, should. You never know how it will go until you try, no matter who you are.


People who want to be a part of a party scene because Regis doesn't really have a big amount of people who like party a lot. Also people who do not really pay attention to school and their classes because Regis is a very academic school and so people who are not interested in school will not do well. Also Regis is a very small school and so people who are looking for a larger school will not like Regis.


people who are not driven or serious about their goals would be wasting their time at Regis. This is a private university which means it is more expensive, and the accademics tend to be more driven and intense, not something that a kid who wants to party all the time will want to be, or even survive the first semester.


Someone who isnt open minded about religion.


There is no football team, so a football player should not attemd. This is a small school, anyone looking for a "party school" should look elsewhere.


Regis University places significant emphasis on Jesuit Values, and service learning. The educational expectations are demanding, but worthwhile. The result is an education that one can be proud of, and well prepared for the workplace. Serious learners only, party animals need not apply.


Any person more interested in an Animal House/Van Wilder-esque social experience than their actual education would probably be somewhat unhappy with the Regis party scene. However, who am I to decide the student body? Even a hard-core partier could simply drive up to Boulder or down to FoCo for a party fix. Every kind of person should attend Regis, because experiencing diversity is a major component of a real college adventure.


Like I said before, someone who is not willing to respect the values of the Jesuits. Also, anyone who is not willing to work hard. Regis is by no means a party school!


The person who should not attend this school is someone who is not interested in putting in the time to do the work required to receive good grades. Regis is a wonderful, prestigious school that is quite costly but cares about serving and ensuring that the whole person (body, spirit, and mind) are all taken care of. Anyone who is self-centered and not interested in bettering themselves and the world as a whole should not apply.


Anyone who isn't either wanting to go on to medical school or teach. Regis University seems to be designed for individuals who want a biology degree, a chemistry degree, or a nursing degree to go on to medical school. The Education department is also very good. This school is based largely in exact science majors. Anyone wanting to get a good education in biblical and ancient languages would be hard-pressed to thrive. Anyone wanting to learn a modern language other than Spanish would have a difficult time. Our English department, while growing, is limited as well.


A person who would rather go to a small private school than a huge state university should attend Regis University. Also, people attending Regis University should be focused on academics.


Any type of person should attend Regis! Regis is very diverse and my eyes have been opened to many new cultures and groups of interesting people. Regis is a school for students who are looking for personal relationships, you will not be a "number" at Regis. It is a a small, personal school that truely allows students to grow and develop through a prestigeous, well rounded liberal arts education.


If you do not have a strong determination and excellent study habits, this school can become very difficult.


closed minded, lazy, no drive.


Someone who is not motivated, that loves to go to big parties, or doesn't know where they are going in life.


Someone looking for a party school. Regis is about getting your education and starting your life.


Someone looking for a greek frat/sor. shouldn't attend regis.


This school is good for an individual who is motivated and driven. You will get a very well rounded education by attending Regis. However, it is a very expensive school and despite the generous financial aid packages that are given out, you almost get punished for working over the summer and applying for external scholarships. Academically and hollistically this school is right on track, however financially it is a little messed up. Also if an individual has their heart set on going to college football games this campus is not right for you.


Anyone who is too invested in either engineering or music as careers.


Any person that does not want to be sheltered. Everyone at this school is like minded. The school over-promises and under-delivers. all my friends that go here hate it as well and they are on the soccer team and are not gothic or weird in any way and have a had time hooking up because of how small this school is...


if you're expecting college life to be like the movies, with non-stop partying and a huge campus, you're out of luck. This college has small classes, teachers who give a damn and know their students, and no greek system. Being a freshman is going to be hard anywhere, with a lot of new expiriences and a lot of people doing stupid stuff and setting bad examples, but most of the upperclassmen here are responsible and set great examples. If you plan on partying your entire way through college, you really won't fit here.