Reinhardt University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Reinhardt is best known for its outstanding professors and academics. For a fairly small private university, Reinhardt does offer a variety of subjects, and classes for students to choose from. This allows us the freedom to branch out and try something new while still having our core classes available to us.


Reinhardt College is a small university located in a small rual city. Not many people know about Reinhardt. The womans softball team has been conferance champions for the past couple of years. That is what Reinhart is most known for.


Reinhardt is known for its small class sizes and the beautiful campus tucked away in the mountains.


Probably just being such a great school. Many people consider Reinhardt a starter school because it is small and it's not as intimidating at a large university. But I think that most people decide to finish their education at Reinhardt because of their experience. At Reinhardt, there is a sense of community. Being at school makes you feel like you have another family.