Remington College-Cleveland Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


its a non profit school.. its known for medical assisting , cosmitology and dental assisting


My school is best known for the straightforward, advanced training it provides, along with the necessaties. Those necessaties include uniforms, books, and the cerification exam. At Remington, you are provided with the books at the start of each mod - eliminating the possibilities of not having the required materials. Attendance is encouraged, and recognition is given each new session to those with perfect attendance and class sucess. Remington provides on the job training for its last class session, thereby making it possible for permanent job opportunities.


Remington College is best known for their two year degree programs. Many people even look down on us because it's not a university. The truth is, when I graduate, it will be with an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. That was my goal; that's what i'm getting. Remington makes it possible to deal with your everyday responsibilities while strengthening those possiblilities for your future. If you already have a family and a routine, Remington is the place for you. Remington has been the best thing i've done for myself so far; aside from my son.