Remington College-Honolulu Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I do enjoy bragging about all my teachers. The educators at Remington College are currently in the profession that they are teaching allowing us to learn from highly trained individuals. A couple of my teachers are lawyers, ex-law enforcement and prior military service. Not everyone can say that their teacher still works as a lawyer or anything he or she practices.


The most thing I brag about to my friends about my school is how I only go to school three days a week and how I have two to three classes and teach class is about 1-2 hours long. My friends would complain how they have to spend tons of money on their books but I said I don't have to worry cause it comes with my tution.


I tell my friends that I love my school because I can ask a question and speak in front of the class with out having to be fearfull because the class size is less then 20 students. Its a great way to slowly get comfortable with being assertive and practicing teamwork.