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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

As far as athletic spectatorship, men's hockey is the most popular sport. Season tickets are popular and are sold at a celebration called the "hockey line." Hockey games are a blast! I love hockey, but I have friends who disliked sports and have been converted to hockey fans. The pep band is lively and humorous and the fans are enthusiastic. Men's and Women's are the only division I teams at RPI; all others are division III. For athletic participation, about 70 percent of the student body participates in an athletic endeavor. Options include varsity sports, club teams, intramurals, and athletically inclined clubs (which are not club sports since they do not compete against other schools). Walking around campus, I typically see a group of students playing a pick-up game of frisbee or soccer or football. I personally do not play on a team, but I run almost every day, so I include others like myself as part of the sports scene.

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Hockey is insanely popular at RPI

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