Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


In my opinion, those who want to study liberal arts or experience a state school should not enroll at my university. This school is primarily anchored engineering and science. Those programs are better developed from my understanding. Additionally, the degree programs do not allow for the same amounts of leisure you may find in a school with high amounts of amenities. Though my university does have many options for students to participate in aspects outside of academics, the combination of school size and academic rigor does not provide the same range of options one may find at large state university.


Jocks and those looking to go to college just to party or have a good time.


Liberal arts majors. Sorry, but RPI just doesn't cater. Also, if you want to take a foreign language, forget it.


Since the school is primarily science and engineering students, a person interested in liberal arts will find it much more difficult to fit in and will generally find a lower variety of classes offered and will probably have to take other math and science related courses that they are not interested in. Anyone with an interest in liberal arts should probably look elsewhere.


I person that isn't up for a little hard work and a challange should not attend this school


A person who is not up to the task of being a full participant in their academic progress should not attend this school. My college was built on the foundation that it cares about its students and they always do whatever it takes to make sure that every student gets a quality education. If a person is a slacker and they do not care about their education, they should not attend this school


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a distinguised institution that offers a world class education in various fields. Consequently, someone who is looking for a more party-filled, social life enhancing college experience should not attend this school. Likewise, a person who lacks the motivation, or simply does not want, to work harder than most other university students, should not attend this school.


A person that does not like to work hard, that doesn't like to go above and beyond what's expected of you, and who doesn't like math. This is a tough school, but it is worth it. Also, someone that doesn't like receiving help or doesn't like asking questions shouldn't go here.


people who just want to party and not do any work


People who expect that college is a breeze and requires little to no work.


You know that you want to be an engineer; you are a girl; you want to brag about being in a new ivy; you like managing your finances even if you only take loans; you are rich and could pay 40+ thousands per semester without financial aid; YOU WANT A GOOD JOB AFTER YOU GRADUATE.


Don't come to this school if you're expecting to party more than one day per week, even if you're expecting to party once every week, as a freshman the chances are slim. If you're afraid of people who would rather play WoW or Rock Band on a Saturday night, stay away!


Someone who is more interested in social life than grades. Someone who prefers a big school. Someone who likes division 1 college sports.


The kind of person who will put off studying or just not go to class shouldn't come to this school. Also people looking for some sort of arts degree would be better off looking elsewhere as this is primarily an engineering school so our arts department isn't very large.


Any individual who wants to enjoy the social aspects of college along with balancing academics should not attend. My institution is one sided if you really look into it & there needs to be more support in athletics like other schools.


Someone who does not work well under pressure, someone who is not a good tester.


People who hate computers, or hate people who love computers, people who are irked by the idea of sitting around playing video games all day, who have no interest in wires and explosions, and can't laugh that all away shouldn't come here. People who hate cold and ugliness and rain should not come here.


someone who's going to have no problem working their ass off


Those whose lives mandate plentiful art


Fun People


smart driven people who want to make a shit ton of money


People who come here to just float by only take away from the quality of learning of the others. People who want to do arts or english or language or humanities etc would waste their time here. If you are a party animal, or sex fiend.


lazy, and relatively stupid kids should not come here


Someone who doesn't want to do work, the work load is large enough that slacking and trying to slide by in any major will not work.


A career driven and academically focused individual. One who likes to have fun but is willing to work hard as well.

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