Rice University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


People from outside of Rice assume that it is primarily an Engineering school. At Rice there are two stereotypes- Academs and SE's. Academs are all non-science majors and SE's claim that Academs never have work, are all slackers and will never be able to get a job. SE's (or Science and Engineering Majors) are stereotyped as working all of the time, super-intense and super nerdy, majority male, never have time to sleep or have fun and are anti-social.


The perception: Electrical Engineers and Computer Science majors have no social skills. Mechanical Engineers all drink heavily, and many play rugby. Music majors are antisocial and think they're better than other Rice students. Architecture majors are just plain bizarre but are a lot of fun at parties. Pre-Meds study in the library or their rooms all the time. Humanities majors don't do as much work as science and engineering majors. Everyone buys into the residential college system and has unwavering pride in their residential college. Alcohol is pervasive and underage drinking is a foregone conclusion. Campus is your backyard; it's a safe place to screw around and screw up, and nothing bad can happen to you there. No one cares about varsity sports.


-Nerdy -Studious -Guys: Passive -Girls: Ambitious, driven, ugly