Rider University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for how small it is, and also its location. The location of the school allows for it to have an overall beautiful presentation. We are also known for being one of the only schools in New Jersey that does not have a football team, which is disappointing.


My school, Westminster Choir College of Rider University, is best known for their outstanding choral department and music education program. Rumor has it that the rate of hire after graduation from the music education program at Westminster is approximately 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Westminster's choirs perform all over the US and many have made their debut at Carnegie Hall througha choir from Westminster. It is also located less than a mile away from Princeton University where students can attend classes during their second semester of their Sophomore year.


Rider university is best known for its small private campus as well as its second small campus Westminster college of the arts in Princeton, NJ for students who major in dance, drama, music etc. It's a very prestigous school and very challenging. Rider is also known for is four academic colleges which are the College of Business Administration, the College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences.


My school is best known for its football team, number one student section, and large alumni association. Penn State's reputation is well-known throughout most of the country.


Our school has a strong men's basketball team, so that is what most people identify it with, as well as being an expensive, non-Ivy League school.


Rider is best known for their School of Business. The classes for it are well-rounded and the proffesors are masters in the field. You get alot of hands on projects and sometimes group projects that are supposed to simulate working with a company, and even a group in a company. The proffesors are qualified and they want you to succeed. I would choose Rider again if I had too.


Rider is mostly known for its business programs, and the music programs. Rider was formed as Rider Business College and later adopted Westminster Choir College which are both strong in their individual worlds.


I'm not sure what Rider is best known for. I think it may be its programs. I've heard the business school is supposed to be very good by many so maybe that is what its known for. As an academic school it is also well known.


Business Accredidation


Worldwide, we have an excellent buisiness program and one of the best music schools in the world, and recently our theater program has been getting the attention of critics and the school is investing more money into it.