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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The Gospel Choir performs


A large percentage of people go home on weekends because most of them live within 90 minutes of the school. The freshman aren't able to handle their alcohol, and the students love to vandalize the dorms. The SGA is a joke, because the students are only doing it to have something that looks good on their resume. The SGA prez, I hear, gets free tution. The big accomplishment was putting a Starbucks in the SRC. It's not even a real Starbucks, because its owned by Aramark. The Rider pub is the biggest night attraction on campus and is always crowded, because its soo tiny and now 18 yr olds are allowed in. There are only 2 bartenders working and it takes LITERALLY 20 minutes to get a drink when the place fills up.


We have traditions such a Cranberry Fest and University Day, which are like campus carnivals with games and prizes. We also have a Bronc Buffet or Bronc Bingo every Friday night and movies that were just in theaters every weekend. People are very friendly all over campus. Basketball is a big sport at Rider with Midnight MAACness! starting the season off. Games always have a great turn out and are a lot of fun.


Most popular organzations on cmapus are social and business Greeks, SGA, RLO, RHA etc. There are a plethora of clubs and orgs. I can pretty much say, if you're interested in it, you could find it on campus. I'm involved with RLO-residence life organization. I was an RA for a year. Depending on the dorm you live in, a lot of residences leave their dorrs open. Especially in the freshmen experience dorm which is Conover. Athletics are a big part of Rider especially men's basketball. There is a lot of Theatre on both campuses yet im not sure about their attendance. 2am on a tuesday? I'm watchinga movie with friends, studying or doing homework and probably coming back from the Bronc Diner.


Since Rider has over 100 different clubs and orgs, there is something for everyone. I am a part of the student entertainment council, and I love it! This group puts on a majority of the events on campus, from comedians, concerts, late night Bronc Buffets, and so much more both on the weekends and during the week. No one should ever be bored. The students are friendly and ready to get involved. Students tend to leave their doors open, especially freshmen when they are all meeting each other for the first time. Infact, I met my closest friends from everyone keeping their doors open on the floor. It wasn't unusual to just have someone walk into your room and sit down and hang out. Late at night during the week, it is relatively quiet. If people are hanging out, then they are at the Bronc Diner, or just hanging out in the residence halls. The biggest party nights are Thursday and Friday. Every now and then you can find a party on a Wednesday, but it is not as common. For a great time and tons of school pride, the students go to the basketball games. They are a blast!! Free prizes and tons of fun. Infact, basketball is such a big deal at Rider, that every year the Emerging Leaders group on campus puts on Midnight MAACness. At midnight, the basketball team, which is part of the MAAC conference, can start their season and have their first practice. It is a HUGE event that everyone comes out to to get free food, free t-shirts, and have a great time. It's kind of like a huge pep-rally. For those who are interested, Rider is about 15% greek, with the greek life on campus.


Bball is the biggest sport on campus (even though baseball won MAACs, but I'd bet that only 5% of the Rider population actually knows that). The whole dorm life is completely different throughout every dorm. There are a lot of thespians so the theater shows tend to be popular. Awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'd be just leaving the diner or driving to Wawa. People party often and there isn't much to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking. At Rider you have to make your own fun...I made my own fun and thought Rider was a great experience.


Basketball season is the most amazing time of the year. It brings students to life more than anything else. It's really the only time the entire student body gets together and feels like a team. Also, the comedians, somehow the school always seems to pick the best ones. The only problem is, not all these things happen on weekends.


There are a billion different clubs so I won't even name any of them. At the start of the school year every club sets up a table and people can sign up for stuff then. All the athletic events are pretty popular, the main ones being the basketball, ice hockey, and baseball/softball games. You have to drive to the hockey games though, except when they have big games and get buses to drive over to the rink, which is only a 3minute drive right over route 95. The greek life used to be fun to hangout at, until Rider gave them a ton of strict rules to follow so they have really died down. The party scene is always gonna be there though. More kids have houses off campus and there used to be small ''get togethers'' in the pods, but Rider being the anti-party school ruined those for next year. There will always be the Rider PUB to go to on monday and thursdays though. Monday is for the 21+ crowd and have 5$ pitches and Thursday is 18 to enter 21 to drink with 1$ beers. Thursday night is pretty much like a club and is my favorite night of the week. If you don't drink, Rider always has really fun and cool events that they sponsor. They are usually free, and consist of going to minor league sports games, paintball, and other pretty cool stuff.


You're not allowed to consume alcohol with the doors open. Solo cups are not allowed in the hallway (regardless of its contents). If you're 21 and there's an underage person in the room with you while you're drinking, you're only allowed an X amount of open/visible beer cans. There is nothing you can do on a Saturday night- that is mildly amusing- unless you're drinking. If you're content with eating a bag of chips in front of the TV, watching a soap or the game; playing board games i.e. monopoly, risk or scrabble; video games and what not... then you'll survive. It's impossible to get off campus at night- if you did try to go off campus, you'd have nowhere to go anyways. With boredom, the vandalism starts. And no one gets caught for it- the fees for damages just gets split among the residents of that particular building/floor. For the innocent residents that had nothing to do with the damages or even knew that it happened, get charged 20-200 at the end of the term. You can always find a good party- but if you're too loud, you get 'shushed'. If you leave your door unlocked, open or unattended to- most likely you're gonna come back to find some of your stuff missing. No hazing? Not a real frat/sorority. And.. if I'm up late at night or should I say, early in the morning- it's either because I'm rushing work, watching a game, cramming for a test or... looking for my room but can't seem to find it.


My friends and I at Rider do basically everything together. My roommates and I have developed friendships that mean the world to me. Whether we help each other with homework, personal problems, or even simple problems, my friends at Rider are the ones who truly helped me to get through my freshman year. My friends and I almost always leave our doors open and talk to each other from across the hall. We end up meeting new people who pass by and it's our way of telling our neighbors that we want to get to know them.


The most popular activity is Greek Life. There are 3 fraternity houses and 4 sorority houses on campus. If you are not apart of Greek Life, it's ok, because most of the time you know someone who is, and that gets you to know the brothers/sisters. There are other activities to do around campus, everything from Ultimate Frisbee to WRRC 107.7 Rider's Radio station. I am heavily involved with 107.7 WRRC. As a freshman I was able to have my own 2 hour slot, and it does not matter what major you are, WRRC is open to one and all, even some members of the surrounding community have been known to have a show. The biggest sport at Rider is basketball, our home games most of the time have a huge turn out in the "Bronc Zoo." The Student Entertainment Council plans the events that happen on campus, they tend to bring a lot of comedians, and attendance of the events vary. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, which most of the time I am, I am normally talking to friends or doing work, and sometimes both. There really is not a lot going on at Rider on a Saturday night. The Student Entertainment Council does offer free movies on campus every weekend, but like I mentioned, since many people tend to go home on the weekend, you really have to find stuff to do off campus, in either New York City, Philly, or Princeton. It is also very helpful that we are located right next to Route 1. I've noticed many students are doing errands on weekends.


I am highly involved with the Science Learning Community, I think its really important to have a support system of science majors. They are some of the hardest majors on campus and its fun to interact with students who are drowning in labs too. Leaving your dorm door open is a great way to met people and recognize faces. My freshman floor was the party central and there were parties 4 or 5 nights a week, ranging in size. Greek life is present on campus and are housed on one side of campus, and they are pretty active. There still is a social setting outside of the greek life.


The concert was whack this year with Gym Class hero's but it was alright. Myt sorority is the best thing that has happened to me so far at school. We always have something to do and you get to know a tono of people. the frat guys are awesome. Theres always a good party to go to for the most part. Oh, and we also had a comedian come in, and he was hilarious! The boys are alright. I spend a lot of my time at the hockey games. i'm going to be manager next year for them. the dorms really arent that bad. i had fun, and I'm actually going to miss them next year once I move into my on campus sorority house. I usually stay on campus, so we dont need to drive. there always something to do; drinking or non-drinking which is cool.


The social life here is terrible. Ever since the student died, it feels as though we live in a prision. College is supose to be the best years of our lives, and instead..the rules are so crazy we can't even have 5 people in one dorm room after 11pm on a weekend.


Meeting people at Rider is as hard or as easy as you choose to make it. I found my friends by participating in cheerleading and Delta Sigma Pi. Organizations are a great way to meet people, especially early in your college experience. I find that people leave their doors open in dorms if they are friends with others in their wing of the dorm, but with the housing crunch on campus, getting housing with your friends will be more difficult and open doors will probably be less prevalent. Greek life used to have a larger presence on campus, mostly for the parties. Since 2 fraternities are now gone, they have less of an impact and their reputation has changed. Athletic events, mostly men's basketball games and Midnight MAACness draw a lot of students and are the most common school activity for students to attend. The university has made a lot of improvements to give students more to do on campus, trying to keep them on the weekends and reduce the drinking on campus. The games in the SRC, various pub events, and the diner give students more to do on campus that is in a controlled environment.


SEC is a huge organization on campus. I wanna say that its the second largest, minus SGA. SEC is the student entertainment council, SGA is the student government association. SEC and SGA both are student run organizations that work hard to provide the student body with things that they want. SEC is always having bands and comedians come perform at the school, and SGA works on solving issues that students are having, such as in the residence halls or parking. The first few weeks of school students keep their doors open to their rooms. After that, they're unlocked. Awake at 2 on a tuesday? What am i doing? prob doing homework or watching a movie with some friends. Most nights we don't go to bed until 2 or 3. ACTUALLY! the bronc diner is open until 2 a.m. go there get the fat bronc NO bread!!


Since our recent record of tragedies (deaths..6 in one semester, most not even campus-related), Greek life has taken a BIG hit. Parties are more cracked down upon, yet our campus is not dry. SGA is clearly the most popular club/org on campus, the competition is CRAZY. We're also a Division I school for athletics, so sports are pretty big on the agenda, but mostly basketball. We have tons of guest speakers from all over the place come every semester. Orientation here is the best, its how everyone meets their first friends. There are tons of traditions that seem kind of tacky on paper but when you experience them they are A LOT of fun.


greek life is huge. brownwater coffee houses are good. the gym is nice. the food ain't so bad. the kids are obnoxious.


There are tons of activites to do around campus. Just look them up and do it. I've been playing ice hockey my whole life so i do that, and i just learned how to play lacrosse and joined that too. There are also lots of academic clubs to join. There are always athletic events to go too. I love goin to the men or womens basketball games and gettin a little rowdy, along with the volleyball games too. And the ice hockey games are always crazy especially any game that gets advertised. Those games usually get out of hand, both on the ice and in the stands. If you're awake at 2am on a tuesday, you're probably studying or drunk. You can usually find people partying m-t-w- def thursday nights at the pub!- f-s. i dont think many people drink sunday. Last weekend of school i got really drunk and fell outta the top bunk and busted my ass. Pretty funny, but hurt like a bitch the next day. If you don't drink, there are tons of things to do also. Rider sponsors really cool ass events on the weekends. Last year we went to a trenton tritans hockey game, and paintballing, and out to Medevil Times. A lot of people also go to philly to party and sometimes to NY.


Rider has many school sponsored social activities. Buffets and bingo games take place every months along with free movies every week. Musicians and comedians come by every so often as well. Each spring there is a huge concert. Jason Mraz came last year and Gym Class Heroes came this year. The campus pub is a great scene to kick back, meet people, or order a beer without the fear of a DUI. About 10% of studnets are Greek. Greek students are passionate about their organizations as they should be after an intensive pledging semester. They party sometimes but you really have to know someone close to them to be included. I would like to see more open parties you can just go to at Rider like Penn State has.


A lot of students become involved in student government or SEC which is the student entertainment commitee, it gets bands, singers, fun events and things at school. The basketball games are really popular especially this year because our team did so well. In my opinion greek life is very important because everyone stereotypes them as the kids that are constantly drinking and stuff. But sororities and fraternities have to have a certain gpa in order to get and stay in them and they all deal with certain aspects of community service. I've been off campus a million times. Princeton is a 10-15 minute drive up the road its fun to just walk around and grab something to eat.


Greek life is a very big part of Rider University. I feel that if a person is not involved in Greek life, there is not much to do on campus. The greeks on this campus have many different activities and events. There are many greek holidays to look forward to like Sweetheart weekend and Bid Day. We also have formals, date nights, and fundraisers. The housing for greek life is much different than dorms. In a sorority house, everyone walks in and out of each others rooms and respects one another. However, in dorms, people seem somewhat hostile to each other and don't really open up to each other unless it is itheir close friends.


People dont party much but thursday nights are so fun. Thursday night its a big dance party at the rider pub for all ages. its a lot of fun. students in the dorms also leave their doors open so its easy to meet people. clubs are cool . there are so many


There are many social events are Rider. It is fun.


The most popular activites on campus are student government association, student entertainment council, RHA, ect. We have tons of club and intermeral sports as well. All together there are 100 clubs and orgs on campus to get involved in and all these are student run. We are a D1 school and have 10 division one mens and womans sports. Everyone in the dorms leave there doors opena and its so easy to meet people. There is always stuff going on ranging from comedians, lectures from authors, concerts, and performances. My closes friend turned out to be my roomate. Her and I are always out and about talking to people down the hall or across campus at a party. The Frats and Sororities do not run our campus but they are there for the people that want to get involved. There is always a party or something to do and even if you dont drink there are fun things to get involved in.


Students are not recommended to leave their dorms open if not in the room, there have been thefts. Rider provides many weekend events for those staying on campus that are both on and off campus. There usually is a movie playing all weekend, as well as athletics, and sometimes trips (ski trips, NYC trips, AC trips, etc). Athletics are popular (especially basketball), and there usually are events that give out free stuff in which students can attend. For instance, some basketball games they will give out free t-shirts. There usually is a spring concert (this year we had Gym Class Heroes). Most people party on "hump night" and go to the bar on thursday nights. We also have a pub on campus that has events during the week.


The only thing I can say is keep an open mind about going Greek, especially on this campus. Otherwise it is dead. As a result of it being so boring I moved off campus after my freshman year, I decided to join TKE my first semester Junior year and I was back on campus to live my senior year. Greek Life makes a world of difference in a lot of peoples lives. You get the social aspect that you deserve in college along with the other activities that allows you to better yourselves and those around you. Greek Life at Rider offers something for everyone.


If you're looking to become a part of a fraternity or sorority don't come to Rider. They are trying to completely get rid of greek life and I believe they will succeed in a short amount of time. When you walk through a dorm all doors are closed. This is different from the other school I went to because we kept our doors open at all times. If someone's door was shut then you knew they were either not there or doing something really important. Rider doesn't have football which is usually the most atteneded athletic event at a college, basketball is very big though. Other than basketball most people don't attend anything else. A lot of people aren't involved in sports either, basketball is the big thing. Their cheerleading squad is nothing special, kind of sad to watch them perform actually. They do have a dance team which is really good and they go to competitions and things like that. Baksetball and dance are the two big things. I guess the dating scene is okay. I met my current boyfriend there and he is awesome. He's probably one of the best things that happened to me. A lot of people have girlfriends and boyfriends from home because Rider is a suitcase school, which means a lot of people go home on the weekends. You are NOT allowed to party at Rider AT ALL. Not at all. If you get caught you get strikes and rediculous fines and everything else. Most people are up late either hanging out or doing homework that they put off til the last minute. If you want to do something on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking you can go to the SRC and play pool or Wi or Guitar hero or you can sit in your room like half the other people since we can't party or you can go home like the other half of the students.


Rider's social life isnt' as crazy as many party schools but everyone here seems to have a lot of fun just hanging out with their friends and chillin around campus.


There are always guest speekers at Rider, always some kind of club activity going on, I walked by my classroom one day and the commuters club was giving out free dunkin dounuts one morning. There is always some sort of free give away or t shirt or free food being given out. Frats and dororities are biiiiigggg on campus. Ive herd people say your either playing a sport or your greek. I go home almost every weekend because im always bored on the weekends, seems like everyone goes home.


So so.


Rider has a lot to offer...but a lot of the things are educational...and sometimes we just want to get away from that. It is good to go see seminars and speeches, but not ALL THE TIME. The pub is a great place, but until you're 21 the only fun thing there is Brown Water which is poetry and music...and a lot of people aren't into that. Different clubs hold different events though that keep us going. Frats and Sororities aren't big at Rider. The school is getting rid of most of them for not keeping up what they are supposed to. Those people just kind of keep to themselves and aren't a big deal like they are on tv. Weekends are pretty lame, a lot of people go home. However, next year should be different, they're making the school a more fun place so people stay.


I love the activities on campus. They are what keep me the busiest. They are fun and involved. I suggest SGA SEC and RHA. Freshmen should DEFINITELY join Emerging Leaders. Students leave their doors open moreso in the beginning of the year than when it ends. Any event on campus will be pretty popular. I met most of my closest friends within the first week of being here. If I'm awake at 2AM on a Tuesday, I'm probably doing homework. Certian people party pretty often, especially if they are freshmen. But you don't have to. I really haven't. Last weekend I celebrated a friend's birthday. On a Saturday night my friends and I are usually playing a board game or hanging out.


At Rider basketball is the big sport on campus. Games are extremely fun and usually the gym will be packed to the brim. There are also campus sponsored activities throughout the year such as bingo and "bronc" buffets. For students over 21 there are plenty of bars in and around Trenton and the Princeton area, and the Club Katmandu. On campus there are often dance parties in the eight person pods or apartments in the new buildings.


there is none...


plenty to do on campus and tons of events to socialize and network


There are many many clubs to chose from at rider. i am in 2 clubs and i already have a lot to do. As a freshman i recommend emerging leaders... i did it and it was really great. They helped me with the transition into freshman year and got you even more involved with other groups and organizations because they kept me up to date with what was going on around campus. I have the greatest of friends at rider. I arrived at the school thinking that i would be going to bed around 10 like i was at home but i was never in bed before 12. There is a lot of night life and that is when everyone is hanging out after homework and such. Fraternities and sororities are not a big part of campus life but there are still a good number of people who are in them, out of my groups of 20 friends, only 2 are in a sorority. They both love it. Rider is located in a pretty good area. We are 30 minutes away from Philly and route one is about 4 minutes away where there are movie theaters, a mall and many other shopping places and restaurants that are very close at your disposition.


To my knowledge, their aren't many Westminster clubs. There are extracurricular choirs and productions, and since this is where you socialize most, your social circle usually mainly consists of people within your own major and age range. There isn't any real physical activity unless you look for it. The Princeton YMCA is cheap, but a helluva walk. And the Rider gym is free, but a 10 minute drive, so Westminster is just fattening you up on purpose Freshman year. Oh, PS- the food in the dining commons is awful, at least if you want to keep your meals under 1000 calories a piece. There's a table of "healthy" food - dry, white chicken, pasta covered in olive oil, and some sort of overcooked, smelly vegetable. There's a salad bar which is usually wilted and brown unless you catch them at the beginnings of the week. The rest of the cafeteria is covered in french fries, pizza, cake, cookies, jello, cereal, hamburgers, tacos... oh, and your first orientation is about how you should eat well and exercise because your voice responds better when you're healthy, and being thin helps you get cast in things.


Weekends suck at Rider... everyone goes home.


Their are som many clubs to get involved in at Rider. Our biggest include the Student Entertainment Council, Student Government Association, and the Black Student Union. There is something for everyone. If you like community service, running, math, etc, there is something for you. This is how I met most of my closest friends-through club meetings and events. You meet people who have similar interests to you. You always have the people who study non-stop and the people who party non-stop. It doesn't matter where you go. If you want to party, you'll find people who want to as well. If you want to study there are always quiet places to go. If I'm awake at 2am I'm probably finishing up a paper, but sometimes I'm watching a movie with friends are chatting away. College is not just about academics it's also about creating lasting friendships and having fun. There is lots to do on and off campus. Princeton is 15 minutes aways and there are tons of shops and restaurants to chill at and the Quacker Bridge Mall is right around the corner and there are tons of restaurants, movie theaters, etc within 5 minutes of the campus. New York and Philly are also really close and the school sponsers many trips to these places. We've gone kayaking, horseback riding, site-seeing in the city. The school also takes students to see Broadway Plays at discounted prices. You'll never be bored.


The groups on campus really depend on what your interested in. If you like it? Who cares if someone else doesn't. Clubs are really a huge part of Rider. The more your involved in, the more people you meet, the more things you do, the LESS time you sit in your room. I just recently got involved as a Tour Guide, I'm told its a close-knit group of people with the common love of Rider. In dorms, some people leave their doors open, especially during the first month because your with all new people & you want to get to know your neighbors. Everyone goes to the Basketball Games, don't miss out on them. Rider is known for their t-shirt giving, if there is an event - GET A SHIRT. They always have a bunch of comedians, and on a Tuesday night - nothings on TV - its something to do. If your with your friends, you'll have fun anywhere you go. My closest friends I met through classes and neighbors. The dating scene, if your looking for someone to date just be careful. There are many guys just looking for a one night stand. If thats not your style, make sure you hang with the types who are interested in you as person. There are many guys on campus, I'm sure you can find one ;) If I'm up at 2 AM on a tuesday, I'm most likely just getting in from being out. Traditions: MAACNESS (don't miss that) , Cranberry Fest, University Day What to do without alcohol? Hang out with your friends, there are many things about 10-15 minutes away that you can do. Movie theaters, malls, restaurants. Fraternities and Sororities are definitely a personal choice. At Rider, it doesn't matter if your in it or not. If you enjoy the atmosphere and you feel welcome with a certain house - RUSH! Disregard anything people tell you, the stereotypes are not true.