Rider University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that my school’s staff really cares about the students. I want to become an Actuary. Rider used to have actuarial science as a major but stopped offering it in recent years. I talked to the head of the Business Department. Other schools would have told me to go somewhere else. The staff member took the time to customize a curriculum to allow me to become an actuary when I graduate. It is quite impressive that a school cares so much about the students. My professors so far have been very accommodating and interested in seeing me succeed.


The campus is very nice and everyone is friendly. The professors care about you individually. Rider offers a Bonner volunteer program which is really Great I am proud and honored to be a Bonner volunteer.


I mostly brag about how close everyone is with each other on campus. Because the campus is so small, everyone knows everyone, and it becomes a comfortable space and environment. I also brag about the party aspect and how we study hard but party hard-ER.


Whenever I'm telling my friends about my school the one thing that stays the same is the emphasis i put on my friends. I have made some of the most amazing friends in the world since coming to Rider. They're all very accepting, helpful, and loyal. The friends i've made here are going to my friends for life.


The thing i brag most about is the size. My school is so small, which i like. I know almost everyone, classes are small and personal, which most colleges dont have. Everything is within walking distance, which is the best.


I brag about the fact that TCNJ and Rutgers is close to my school and we have so many restaurants and shopping centers thats like literally five minutes away. Also Princeton is very close to rider and the Governor lives in princeton.


I am a big club person, so I talk about the clubs I am a part of because it is a big part of my life.


Westminster Choir College of Rider University has the BEST music education program in the country. The small campus and the fantastic staff make for a great learning environment.


My work study jobs. My bosses are very understanding of the fact that my grades come first. However, they also present me with real world situations and responsibilities, and give me the tools to learn how to succeed in every task they assign. I've learned far more from the jobs I hold on campus than I ever do in Rider's classrooms.


The Rider Campus is beautiful, the layout of it is very user/student friendly. They were even smart enough to put the gym right next door to the cafeteria. We have Greek Row, where all the sorority and frat houses are and we have the best Greek community in the state.


small classes


it's all music, the falculty is fantastic, I know everyone


my sorority.


The basketball team


Lately I seem to brag mostly about our basketball team since it is an NCAA division sport and our players get recruited for NBS teams.


the school was ok I only attended rider for 2yrs but in that time I never felt attached to anything in particular. I was a biochem major and the classes were ok but they did not challenge you very much. the school seemed like a place parents sent their kids to school because they said so not a place where people took school seriously or because they wanted to be there. most of the kids are well off and are not used to doing much on their own


I brag about the small size of the school which enables smaller class sizes and that all of my professors are doctors and really have a lot of knowledge.


The opportunities we have to perform with well known orchestras and choirs along with highly respected conductors. Also the faculty at school is very ewll educated and has real life experience.