Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


At Ringling College of Art and Design you really get to know so many other students at school in all majors in different grades. Ringling is a very open community about everything, we accept students from out of the country to give them the opportunity to experience a one in a lifetime chance to go to Ringling College of Art and Design. We all have a passion for art. That is what really connects us all together and not feel out of place. No one is perfect here, we are all weird in our own ways but that's what makes us who we are; more fun and open. We have a different range of students though from students who grew up being athletes and creating art, to students that read comic books and played video games all the time. We have clubs and organizations that offer students the ability to still play sports or play video games. We may not have a real sports team but we still try to get out and go play other colleges or universities around the Sarasota and Tampa bay area in Florida. Students wear almost anything to class. Students dress extremely nice, or they wear sweats or even their pajamas to school because art is relaxing and you aren't in this high stressed out business school where there is no color or tons of fun. Art school is completely different and you get to show who you are. Some people at Ringling College of Art and Design may have tons of money and can afford to pay for school without loans and you have some students that do need loans and scholarships in order to make sure they can stay at school and graduate. But money between students to make friendships is not usually a conflict. Everyone here is welcomed and there is always something here at Ringling College to make sure you feel welcomed and that you fit in.


My classmates are generally friendly, passionate about art, and they care about their work.


my classmates are motivating and genuine.




Everyone is passionate about what they're doing. Very artsy, open, some people are extremely bold, or extremely sensitive, or very friendly and great to be around. There's such a variety of personalities, but you feel like you can relate to almost everyone here. It's also competitive. There are a great deal of International students, which is AWESOME.


They are very helpful and knowledgeable as on what to do or help you catch up on what you missed in class--plus, they're very fun and enjoyable to talk to--even the professors like to hear about the adventures and stories we have to tell. When it comes to group projects, everyone really pulls through to help one another and makes sure that the entire job gets done...even if it isn't our best work, we all smile because of the amount of fun we had doing the project (no one gets left behind).


My classmates are diverse, artistic, friendly, and great people overall.


My classmates can be described as creative, motivated, supportive, driven, and spirited individuals that try to bring out the best in themselves and others in all aspects of their lives.


They're some of the most awesome people I've ever met, and I'll definitely be keeping in touch with them even after I graduate.


My classmates are all hardworking, goal oriented people who know how to challenge me and give me feedback to not only better me as an artist, but also as a person, and they are one of the many great reasons why I love Ringling college and the things I learn here.


Amazing people that all have the same passion as me, Art, but different goals to achieve. They have a lot of talent and are very competitive but not mean people


everyone here by their third year has found their nitch and I view it as a positive thing that they have, to help them learn from eachother yet have a comfortable place to experiment with their art and ideas.


Friendly and fun loving, all around good people.


Most are dedicated to school, but approperiately relaxed when it comes to fellow classmates.


Artistic, interesting, helpful individuals who are focused on their academics.


Unique and interesting and an ecletic group of people


My classmates are amazing people. Some of them open minded, others too closed minded. Either way, it is good to find people of different perspectives, even if they are artists, because it gives a glimpse of my collegues and contemporaries once I graduate and proceed to the professional world.