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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give would probably have to be that support is very important. Finding the right college is a process that both parent and child need to share. Parents should be supportive and confident in their future college students and future college students need to take into consideration their parents concern. Such as cost of the college and if the college provides the appropriate courses for their desired major so they can get the most out of the education. From my experience, it has always been neccessary to have the support of my parents. Not only financially but also for my parents to have faith and confidence that the college I chose, I belonged at.


Make sure you are choosing the school that best represents what you want to do for the rest of your life. And parents be open to what your student wants to fo


Of all the things I have learned, through people I've met over the past year and a half of my college experience, I have learned that, choosing the right college really does make all the difference. For students, I would say, make sure it's what you want, know what you're getting yourself into, and most of all, make sure you will enjoy it, hopefully these will be some of the best and most memorable years of your life. As for parents, Weather you are or are not helping your child financially, you should remember that this is a decision that will effect yours, but more importantly the rest of your childs life, in every way, from how and what they learn to who they meet. Make sure you don't push them into something they don't want to do, but always encourage and try to support them when they need it. This is the first time for a lot of people on their own, and it's always good to have a calm, sturdy figure like a parent to trust in if needed. Other then that, work hard, and achieve the dreams you've always had.


Look around at all the possibilities! There is so much out there for any interest, make sure you sort out the perfect fit for yourself. Your education is most important over location, though a visit to the school is a great tool for deciding.


Make sur ethe student body is friendly. Usually tours are lead by students, and really examining the student body is very important. The education you get will be one that will also come from your peers. They help you study, as well as learn. They help you frind new ways to think and problem solving techniques no matter your type of Major. Also ask about the worload. Thoguh homework may not always be fun, you really learn from putting your extra time in and giving it your all. A good sense of competition among peers is always good. Many colleges may even have visiting proffessionals, workshops, and events gearedfor students. These things are veyr important also I think in helping a student grow and learn. Those that help you learn from proffessionals and give you chances at internships are the best. Just find a school you love and make sure the education is dead on.


It is a very expensive school but worth the money spent for the education.


I would tell them that Ringling is an amazing school the student and professors and everybody who works at Ringling really does care about one another and there main goal is to prepare us for the real work place and to make sure you go out there when its your time feeling confident. That Ringling supplies us with the best material and keeps us up to date with porgrams who we can succeed. Professors will go above and beyond to make sure we understand and will always take your ideas into consideration and help you build off of it.


finding the right college is tricky, I would recomend researching through current students and/or alumni. As for making the most of college, you should take more information than whats given to you by the teachers, go out, and experience what your learning.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a college is not the college's credibility, but rather, what kind of student you are, and if this college is right for you personally. Being happy in your descisions is what really matters, because when you're happy and all your needs are met you will be able to do your best academically. While college is about learning a skill that you can build a career from, its also an important time of growth for everyone. Its important to find a college that will allow you to grow and perhaps make a few mistakes along the way. The best gauge of a college is any information you can gain from the actual students, before you decide on anything try to visit the campus and talk to the students.


It's very important to visit the school you are interested in. If available, attend a pre-college program for high schoolers that may be offered as a preview of the college experience. If you are going to invest tremendous amounts of money in an art school, make sure that you are completely honest with yourself about what you want out of life and how good your work is. You don't have fantastic abilities when you apply, but you should definitely be very serious about your getting better. When attend school it is very important to remember not to take it for granted. It is a treasure, if you let it be. The attitude of the student has far more to do with how much they get out of their classes and their time than the assignments or instructor does. Make as many friends as you can, be open and tolerant to everyone you meet. Always be willing to give other students the benefit of the doubt and never, NEVER become party to gossip. One of the worst things you can do is let your college experience function the same way high school did. Just live truthfully.


My advice for anyone trying to finding the right college for them is knowing the atmosphere they would be most comfortable in. If you feel that you can't learn in a very crowded environment, then don't choose a school that is overcrowded. Choose someplace where you would feel comfortable with the atmosphere and workload. As for making the best out of your college experience, just don't lock yourself in a shell. Take this advice from someone who's done that already, "you will be miserable". Get to know new people and join in activities. College is what you make of it. If you want to be lazy and depressed then that's what will happen to you. It's all about mind over matter.


I would tell upcoming students to look around at colleges. To make this choice based on what is best for you and what you are planning to do in the field of their choice. The first year of college is very hard, but while experiencing it you learn a lot. You grow up as a person and start to become an adult. You have to apply yourself and not get destracted by your friends,dating,and parties.You need to remember that your number one focus is school and your job is to do well in it. College is hard, but once you get through it; even if its just one year at a time you learn so much and you'll feel proud that you did. That you stuck to it and got through it. All you have to do is work hard and concentrate.


You HAVE to visit the schools before you decide and it wouldnt hurt to find people currently enrolled, on facebook or something so you can talk to them. If your not comfortable when you visit you wont be happy when youre going to school there. you should also live on campus with a room mate your first year so you know youll always have someone around to get to know and its easier to participate with on campus things and get to know more people


To do their research on time. A person in high school has a perspective (either cloudy or clear) of what they want to do and supporting them on what they wanna do and warning them about the different sacrifices they have to do be in that major is the best thing a parent can do to their children. Parents need to support their children in every moment, especially if there are moments of social moments or academic struggles. Many kids come to college thinking they are all alone in this persue for their diplomas and even if the kid might not like it, it is good the parents are there to make sure everything is fine with them. Believe me, they will thank them for their attention and support.


Work as hard as your body and mind will allow. Get in the labs, everyday, and do your absolute best in there. No excuses. Stay inspired and create non-stop. Don't burn out. Know your limits. Take breaks when you need them but be sure you are taking them with the right intentions. Be one of the 10 folks who are in the labs on a Friday and Saturday night. Never feel down that you are missing the party or the bar. Be brave enough to sacrifice the college experience to milk your education for all it's worth. Respect those who believe otherwise, but don't let them drag you down. Meet, befriend and learn from folks who are better than you. Give your time to others who want and need it. Set realistic goals for yourself every day and don't sleep until you meet them. Learn, absorb, share, grow. Understand that no one will give it to you, you have to take it. Accept that your classmates are your competitors, but understand that iron sharpens iron. Anyone adding water to the bay makes all boats rise. Work together, bounce off each other, keep raising the bar.