Ringling College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There was no real neagative surprise upon attending school.


How to handle digital mediums for class or how to draw the human body better.


I appreciate everything I have learned while being here.


I wish I would have known financially what I was about to go through, because I would have saved up more.


I wish when I was younger I had been more certain of myself and my abilities and followed my intuition. Now at 36 years old I am following my dream and pursuing a degree in film and fine arts.


Nothing in particular; I'm really happy with the college.


I wish I had known everything I have learned, not to mean I wish I did not need to learn anything upon coming here, but because it only would have helped me to understand and learn things here faster, and more effeciantly, overall allowing me more out of the education and life experiences that I have, and continue to develope upon.


i wish I had known how many people drop out every aemester, it really impacts you when all the people you know are dropping out because of how difficult it is.


I wish I would of known more about finncial aid.


I wish I had known each class ran just about 3 hours long, twice a week each, with a homework load of almost double for each individual class. Time management wouldve been a larger focus for me my senior year of high school to have been better prepared for such an intense schedule.


THe location and lack of any entertainment near it


I was so naive to think that I would potentially grow with the enthusiastic input and instruction from those I admied from afar. I convinced myself that the extremely high cost was worth paying for because it was Ringling. I was mistaken, the amount of money paid doesn't justify what is really going on over there. I found myself faced with opponents that were unbeatable. They have their favorites, nothing you do can interfere with that.


that the area is not really a college area. there is not a lot to do in terms of going out on weekends, unless you're 21.


nothing, I do wish I had saved up more money though.


I do not wish to of known anything more than I know now. I think that this school was everything I needed and more.