Roanoke-Chowan Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I'd advise my high school self to truly consider myself, my strengths as well as my interests, when deciding on a major. While it's true one most often can do anything one's mind is set to, I believe we're all endowed with certain gifts and talents which must be accessed and utilized. I would stress the importance of the right affiliations, be they clubs and organization or friends and mentors. And I would let myself know that there would times of doubt and struggle which can be overcome by dedication, focus and perseverence, in addtion to those right affiliations. And above all else, I'd tell myself that college is a time of self discovery and awareness, and to have fun in process.


Enjoy having your schedule drawn up for you every year, because in college life you have to create your own schedule! You have to wait in line for an hour at 8am waiting for it, but it will be great when you are done. You will not have those students who do not want to be there so they make a fool of your class. You can listen and pay more attention to the professor if you do not have those who do not want it sitting beside you. Plus, sometimes you do not have to go to school everyday of the week! So overall you are going to LOVE it!