Robert Morris University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Unlike most schools in the U.S., RMU has become an overcooked casserole where all of the ingredients melt and blend together to create one cohesive dish. The general stereotype is the ‘average joe’, not many people are driving brand new Mercedes, but on the other end of the spectrum, not many people came from an extremely poor family. The students at RMU float in the middle of every category, for example, race, religion, wealth, and geographical location. Yes, there are a few groups that compete with the main stereotype; the main one is the ‘athlete’. About one in five students is an athlete for the university. Therefore it is a powerful group on campus, plus there is no other stereotype as large as the amount of athletes on RMU’s campus. Also, there are a few smaller stereotypes such as the art students, nurses and business majors. Although there is a range of various characters on campus the umbrella stereotype is the ‘average joe’.