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Rochester Community and Technical College

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In this school i believe it is more one on one. You have more time with the proffessors. If you show an interest in learning and ask questions in class, they are going to be more willing to help you out when you most need them. It's not exactly a big college but that's not all bad when your just starting out. You have people all around you that are willing to help you get where your going and it's is a great place to make friends.

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My school is so diverse and everyone seems to get along. Before attending this college, I wasn't used to being around so many different people. It's great to see so many people of different backgrounds get along. Not only that, but my school participates in the "Purple Plus" program where you can receive an associates degree before you receive your bachelors using the credits from your associate degree.

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The unique thing about RCTC, when compaired to other community colleges, is that the facility contains 2 different colleges to choose from in one building! The community college provids a large array of associats degrees and certifications. Additionally, transfer to a university that is available within the same building provides opportunities to further your academic career, clear to a docterate level!

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