Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


RIT allows you to put your imagination to full use by surrounding you with both creative and logical types. If you attend and you have a dream of making a 3D printer or you want to make prosthetic limbs-- or you have some idea of your own that is too crazy for most people, someone at RIT will help you try to reach your goal. If you put in the work, RIT will see you reach that goal.


A collection of nerdy students living in the tundra of Rochester.


An environment that nurtures learning and creativity in a way that guarantees success in and out of the classroom.


In terms of dating: the odds are good, but the goods are odd.


RIT is a career focused campus that puts importance on internships and work experience before graduation, in order to get students ready for their career of choice.


I can't fully answer this, and am sure it will change once I'm there, but the campus, while large, is friendly. The amenities are amazing, and the ceramic program blows my mind. The reputation of the school is invaluable: when I announce that I have been accepted to RIT, everyone is proud of me and has a very positive reaction. I met two instructors I will work with closely, and have high hopes for a promising mentorship and friendship. I am excited and feel privileged to be attending RIT in the fall.


RIT will prepare you to work in the real world and will help you develop a network with companies within your field of study across the nation.


Bricks and wind tunnels, but the school is great.


RIT is a cool place to be.


The learning environment is very soothing and people are very friendly.


The Rochester Institute of Technology is challenging, supportive, creative, large, comfortable, and exetremely focused on academics whether you are an artist or an engineer.


RIT is a creative mix of technolgy, science and the arts, where most of the teaching involves hands-on group projects, giving the students a career oriented experience.


The students are mostly nerds who are amazing with technology, but the staff is not.


RIT is a technical focused school, in the suburbs of Rochester NY. It is a fairly expansive campus, with Division 1 hockey. It is attended by a diverse student body. Students are active participants in campus activites.


RIT is a big engineering and computer science school, in cold and snowy Rochester; apply yourself you can have a lot of fun and learn a lot.


RIT is research and career focused and tends to ignore the liberal arts and having a social life.


My school is awesome , different, very diverse and welcomes all kind of people.


RIT is a friendly school that is designed to help you achieve your goals in life.


RIT is a brick melting pot of culture, creativity, and innovation for the progress of the future.


They will definitely be surprised at all the red brick buildings they see.


RIT engages and motivates students through stimulating and collaborative experiences.


A technological heaven, filled with some great and helpful staff, where one has the ability to learn and advance ones knowledge in an open and inviting environment.


Rochester Institute of Technology is a diverse technical and art school with a great school of film and animation that I am enrolled in.


RIT is a school that challenges theri students so that they can become the best within their profession.


RIT is full of great people, good people, fine people, okay people, and lame people that are all entertaining and the film program is pretty cool.


RIT is comprised of people who are smart, geeky, and proud of it.


Rochester Institute of Technology is very big campus ever you see. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) hockey team is the best sports for Rochester, New York. They have a good study room with students who need study for test, writing, etc. My majoring in Graphic Design, they have several of art and imaging studies classes. Rochester Institute of Technology campus, idea as exercise walking because of long way to get to class or back to dorm. But they provided Bus for the students and Staff. RIT have own apartments (on-campus). That building made of bricks.


RIT is amazing in all aspects, couldn't ask for a better college.


A great learning experience, a lot of inteliigent people along with artistic students


Rochester Institute of Technology allows creative, intelligent, and ambitious students to be innovative, green, and learn more from not being confined to the ever-expanding campus, courses, and clubs.


RIt is a school in which academics come first, and are expected to come first, that contains hundreds of programs to help everyone succeed to the best of their abilities that is producing the next generation of world changing jobs.


RIT is great for academics, but not so great if you feel like getting off campus a lot.


RIT turns into a frozen tundra in the winter, but it's still fun.


Very career oriented. You get a good education at a fast pace. Be prepared to take a lot in in a very short amount of time while doing the same amount of work.


Expensive but a good investment for my future.


A school that gives you great learning opportunities & experience with modern technologies that prepares you for your career.


A lot of hard work but worth it in every way.


Nice blend of creative and practical programs - and also people. The science department is heavily research based, which is great for the marketability of students after graduation.


RIT is a diverse campus full of right and left brained individuals who all know where they want to go in life and are willing to work hard to see their future come true.


Rochester Institute of Technology is a great school if you are looking for an academically challenging institution with a balance of extracurricular activities, friendly and diverse people, greatly helpful faculty members, and a campus located outside of a small city.


Tough due to the quarter system but rewarding.


RIT is absolutly the best school that i have ever attended, due to its awesome majors and its hands on labs.


It's where the place that makes your college experience, it's the people.


RIT, or "Brick City," has so much diversity among the student population (personality speaking), that any student can feel at home here, although they may not like the weather!


Easy to get into, hard to stay in.


My school is a fantastic school with so much to offer both acidemically and socially, I can't think of a better place to be.


RIT is a very technology based college.


RIT is for deaf and hearing people as equal for everyone else. RIT is a big campus and alot of technology for students to get their need of hlep with studies and communications.


RIT concentrates on computing/info sciences/engineering while also offering a wide range of interesting liberal arts classes. RIT as a whole concentrates on giving the best to its students but is a bit expensive to attend. However, the same would be expected from most private universities.


Acadmically superior, career oriented, socially accepting and lots of fun!

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