Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students who attend the Rochester Institute of Technology are very diverse not only culturally, but socially, and participate in a wide variety of activities that range from photography and art to research in a lab, from parties with a lot of people to hanging out with a couple friends in the dorms or apartments.


Intraverted, poor people skills, computer savvy


Classmates tend to be shy and quiet at the stare, but open right up after the first week or so especially if a group project is assigned.


An average RIT student is very intelligent, comes from a middle class or upper middle class background, is probably white and male, is focused on his or her future career, and may not be the most socialable person on the planet.


Classmates are always willing to help out in projects or otherwise, there's a good chance you'll become very good friends with the people in your major.


They are only in school because they have to be.


Classmates are dedicated to academics and interested in technology.


I don't think a lot of them think about things as seriously as I do.


My classmates are...different.


My classmates are so eclectic, we have every type of person here, from all over the world and from all sorts of backgrounds.


Full of ideas which are both capable of solving world problems and capable of high entertainment for enjoyment.


My classmates are all very focused individuals, that strive to do well, and are continually trying to better their future.


They are a little bit of everything, just like in high school.


RIT is a mixture of people of all races and religions, just not sexes. You will be shocked to learn that the ratio of male to female students is abysmal in the technology majors. Except for this, the student body is basically what you would expect from a college of its size.


Everyone is different, but most are cool. I enjoy meeting new people whether people of a different race or religion. I'm not sure of any student that would feel out of place at RIT. Most students wear to class are clothes they are comfortable in (jeans, and shirt). Different types of students do interact. It does happen occasionally. Table 1 would be the really "nerdy" kids that are into video games and were sheltered in life. Table 2 would be the kids that are really into anime. Table 3 would be of the more relaxed kids that are comfortable hanging out with whoever and are usually very cool people. Table 4 would be the people that think they're the best when they are actually not. Most RIT students are from the east coast. Most are middle class. Most students are not politically active/aware. They are center. Some students may talk about what they will earn one day.


I thought the campus was very diverse which I liked. Being in the north obviously there's more whites than anything, but I met first Indian friends, a bunch of Asian friends, I had friends of all races by the time I left RIT, which I really enjoyed. I figured a lot of students would be from the Rochester area, it was hard to find many that were. I met a lot from NYC area and other areas. Religion was a huge deal at RIT, which is a good thing.


Personally, through my involvement in learning Italian and being apart of Italian club, I have had the opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn about what it was like for them growing up in a different environment than myself. If I had not been taking Italian I wouldn't have been able to meet so many people from so many different countries. This is probably my most favorite experience since being here, because it has informed my life in other areas besides my education. Most students wear sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans to class. I don't think that the deaf students and hearing students interact that much. For as many deaf people there are here, it seems like the hearing people stay friends with the hearing people and the deaf people stay friends with the deaf people. I think otherwise different types of students interact here. My floor is very diverse and we all seem to get along for the most part and socialize no matter how you grew up or who you are. I think most RIT students are from New York State and the North East. I think that most people here are upper middle class to upper class.


Like O-M-G Becky, there are Krauts, Gooks, WOPs, Niggers, Fags, Honkies, Towel Heads, Kikes, and everything else you can think of on campus! (Have some balls and publish that.) You really don't see much tension about the mix of races and religions on campus. No matter what you are, you should be fine if you don't preach. I doubt anyone would feel out of place unless you're such a random and minute race/religion that you feel out of place everywhere. Most groups you'll see are based on the social structure. The geeks and nerds hang together, the frat boys and sorority girls will also. The sororities try to annoy everyone though. And I'd like to murder everyone playing frisby in the quad. In the dining hall, at every single table, is students who hate the dining hall food. Honestly, dining halls are really mixed because its mostly freshmen and some sophomores. You're forced to eat that crap all freshmen year.


I tend not to interact with different groups on campus. I find that not much happens here and typically I drive the 1.5 hours home every weekend because I have a lot of friends there and am usually guaranteed a good time. I think that RIT is a very diverse campus and that very few, if any, people feel out of place at RIT. There are people here from all different backgrounds - rich, poor, etc., as well as different ethnicities and religions.


Very diverse, especially with the deaf culture intertwining with the hearing culture. There's something for everyone too, and the more you get involved the more diversity you'll find, trust me. I started breakdancing and tae kwon do-I have so many more friends who are not white, I love it (not saying I'm a reverse racist or anything-I just like change).


I don't know how many students would feel out of place here. There are a lot groups on campus and i feel we are pretty diverse group. To class most kids will wear just casual clothes. I wouldn't say we roll out of bed to go to class but i doubt most kids spend 2-3 hours getting ready. Most RIT students are from new york or the northeast part of the country. I assume most kdis on this campus have some sort of financial stability since it is such an expensive school, but I really don't know. Most students are politcally aware and active and I couldn't tell you where the sit because I know I'm moderate but I'm sure like any other place they can go either direction. Some students do talk about how much money they'll earn one day but isn't that normal?


I beleive that this campus is very diverse.


RIT has a very diverse campus. There are deaf and hard-of-hearing students from NTID. There are many international students. Most students come from New England or the mid-Atlantic states, but I know students from Washington state, Alaska, Texas, and Florida. I also know many students from out of the country who come here in the international program. One of the great things about RIT is that nobody could really feel out of place. We have groups and organizations that cater to every student, whether it be Dungeons & Dragons, martial arts, fencing, video games, academics, sports, Greek life--the list goes on. Most students don't care about what they wear to class, as long as it's warm. The weather here does not really allow for fashion, so nobody cares. The most noticeable thing to wear is shorts and flip-flops when it's 20 degrees and snowing. That will draw attention. A lot of students will wear clothes sporting their organizations on campus, such as fraternities, sororities, and special-interest groups.


There are people of all backgrounds here. There are also groups and organizations to get involved with for different racial backgrounds such as SHPE, NSBE and a few others. There is a great Center for Religious Life on campus with services offered for multiple religions and activities organized by people of the religious affiliations. This can be beneficial for people wishing to practice their religion at college or explore other religions. There is a GLBT Center on campus and a gay-straight alliance, including an organization primarily for deaf or hard of hearing students. I don't feel anyone could not find someplace where they fit. There is something for everyone here. Most people wear jeans and tshirts to class. There is always the joke that the girls show up on the first warm spring day since all of a sudden you see skirts again. Its definitely cold and sometimes rainy so a lot of people dress for the weather. RIT students are primarily from the northeast of the US and there is a large portion of international students, especially from India.


There is no discrimination at RIT that I have witnessed. The closest thing is some of the administration trying to force the advancement of women down our throats. Its odd to the student population because we don't view women as anything less than equals, or really even notice they're women. Its kind of a running joke. Student interaction is somewhat hard outside of your major because of the academic requirements, but it does exist if you make the effort. A lot of students are somewhat apolitical mostly because they feel they have better things to do in regards to their studies. However the general political opinion is probably somewhat left of center. Campus itself is very mixed economically and politically though, but the tittude and discourse remains totally casual outside the classroom.


Look at my big picture. You got mostly dudes. The campus i'd say is split by academics and sports. For academics its the goofy unsocial kids who are associated with engineering or science something, and than a big art school so artsy fartsy hey man life is great or i'm emo don't talk to me type of people so a mix. and than a SMALL percentage of sport guys who end up being douches cause they know their the only normal ones, which is true, so the only normal girls slut it out for them


RIT's social scene is incredibly diverse - this is a college that combines engineering and computer majors, art and photography majors, business majors, science majors and liberal arts. You get all kinds of students, from the nerdy computer science major who plays World of Warcraft religiously, to the trendy graphic design major who spends all her time shopping downtown. Unfortunately, these stereotypes are well known and students don't really interact too much outside of their social circle.


So the student body is made up of a very diverse group of people the majority of them being gamers and just those who are social awkward but there are normal people here. Everyone is pretty driven to succeed and are all really nerds but they can still have fun. Then there are the art students that are everywhere just taking pictures and carrying around tool boxes.


Student Government sucks a lot. They can't do anything but scratch themselves. See above about school spirit.


There are over 160 different clubs and organizations on campus. There are clubs for different racial backgrounds, as well as religious, and even a large GLBT community. I would have to say there is something for everyone. If there isn't a club you like, you can create one easily with a member list and genuine interest. Students come from all kinds of economic backgrounds, and various parts of the world. Students tend to wear jeans and hoodies as it is cold here a large portion of the year. I have found that in general most of the students get along with each other easily and groups of friends often intermingle at parties or events on campus.


The larger the school--the more they have to offer. RIT has 15,000 students, roughly. And therefore, every type imaginable! We even have hard-of-hearing students, so no one could feel out of place. There are lots of religious groups and several non-religious groups as well. To class, there's everything from sweatpants to more formal wear. In Chemistry, we always have to have long pants, closed toe shoe requirements, so the standard is jean pants and sneakers. We have several dining halls, and a lot of students that commute pack their own lunches. I eat mainly int he Chem Lounge, which is not a dining facility. Mostly, the students that interact are in the same discipline of study. Where are RIT students from? Everywhere! I know people from PA, NY, California, Massachusetts, and one from Brazil! RIT is typically an atheistic and very liberal college, due to the large amount of technical majors and male-dominatedness. But, I am just the opposite--and I fit right in.


What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus? RIT is mostly white kids from New York State and Pennsilvania but there are a good number of people of other races. Lots of asian and a healthy a respectable amount of blacks. The deaf students are very diverse. What kind of student would feel out of place at RIT? Students who are self motivated and not too interested in being anywhere but on campus or hanging out with people in the dorms. What do most students wear to class? Wrangler Jeans Teva's or whatever else you can buy in the young mens section at Wall-Mart. Do different types of students interact? If you interpret interacting in the broadest terms, yes. There are four tables of students in the dining hall. Describe them. · Where are most RIT students from? They take there meals back to their rooms. What financial backgrounds are most prevalent? Middle class all the way. Are students politically aware / active? I bet most of them don't even know who the president is. Are they predominantly left, right or center? I would say because most of them are uninformed that they mostly just copy the political views of their parents so most of them or somewhat right of center. Do students talk about how much they'll earn one day? They barely talk. They talk a lot about anime.


I'm the president of the Hillel, the jewish club on campus. We've yet to encounter direct anti-Semitism, and are currently planning programs with groups of other faiths. Campus Crusade for Christ and the Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship are really eager to have joint programs with us in the coming weeks. The GBLT club is fairly large and they have a lot of campus events. The notoriously hated group is the socialists. Even people who align themselves as socialists politically hate them. I've witnessed them steal money (anti socialist idea, isn't it?) The distribute fliers saying how Israelis are evil, and scream across campus. Infamous nut jobs. Most students are from the North East, though there is a large international and national population. People come from anywhere and everywhere. People range is economic status. One friend is the daughter of an immigrant from mexico where the source of money is a mother who makes five dollars an hour and live in a trailer. Another friend is the son of a prominent NYC lawyer and doctor with a house on Park Ave, NYC and a summer house in the Hamptons. Its a wide range here.


our differences give people something to make a fuss about whenever a slight issue arises, its annoying. most everybody would fit into some crowd at rit. students wear anything from polo shirt, to sweatpants, to gym clothes to class. different types of students don't interact. 4 tables- Geeks, drinkers, low-lifes, and emo's. most are geeks. idk about financial backgrounds. i know i think its a bunch of B/S that kids with family that work on rit get in if they're dumb and go for free. overly politically aware/active. all students talk about is how much they're going to make.


Too many christian groups. Not enough parties.


what student would feel out of place = any normal person wear to class = sweat pants/jeans and t-shirts/hoodies different types of students interact = no most students from = rochester, buffalo, international politically active = no right-handed people talk about how much they'll earn = yes


Positive experience with different racial groups as I haven't seen much discrimination. Haven't been exposed to many different religious groups. Students with disabilities are outcasts, but not openly put down. A student with a disability OTHER than being deaf. This is common and accepted. Most students wear comfortable clothing. Typical college atmosphere. Yes, but that being said most groups of people that associate together are of the same race. Students highly interested in computer games, athlete table, table with guys and girls that are close friends, students that can't find another seat. New York state. Many are well off, but not rich. Many students are not politically aware / active. Most are democrats, as is common at a college. Some students talk about future earnings, others do not. Not a very open topic of conversation, but I have heard it.


Frats are loud and annoying. Gay/lesbians are very vocal, but not so annoying. Not so much controversy on the religious front, actually. There are a lot of racial/geographic type oriented groups, and they mostly hold fashion shows or dances or stuff like that. Hard to say, actually. Even the most socially inept gremlin will find another equally socially inept troll to hang out with and trade magic cards. Oh, judgmental people need not apply. Even our jocks are dorks. Students wear whatever they want. What kind of question is that? Different students do interact. There are huge culture differences from school to school, but generally there is plenty of interaction. It’s been so long since I’ve paid much attention to the dining halls, but let me take a stab at the question: Table 1- girlfriends forever – two buddy-buddy-share-all-our-secrets girls chit-chatting at a table (one is probably much uglier than the other). Nothing out of the ordinary here. Table 2 – random person with a laptop and/or newspaper. Catching up on work, or writing emails, and eating. Quite acceptable. Table 3 – a group or organization. Maybe it’s a load of animators discussing their group project, or sorority girls, or the tennis team. Table 4 – a bunch of professors. They do dine together, and gossip no doubt. Most students are from New York state. No surprise there. Financial backgrounds: lower middle-class to mid-upper class. Students are politically aware, for the most part. In general, students are moderate, believe it or not (with liberal tendencies, of course – it’s college after all). There are College Republicans and College Democrats. The Repubs have been more easy-going in nature, as I recall, and generally have a better sense of humor. The Dems have always been a bit more rabid. This is probably because the Republicans have been around longer than the Democrats, who (after a first failed attempts) finally developed much later. They’re bitterness is nothing compared to the RIT Socialists, who are a rude, annoying, conspiracy-theory believing, shove-it-down-your-throat bunch of bums. What? Unless you’re one of them, you’d agree. Earn? Not really. We prefer to discuss how much money we blow on booze.


im in the gospel choir and a business group - someone who does not deal with the computer often, came from a small area, and dont like cold weather - urban gear as seen on tv, mtv or bet - yea - super nerds, group of foreign students, group of hard of hearing or deaf students, and a group of "normal" kids - middle and upper class - students are politically aware, especially the richer ones and they are strong on how they feel - all the damn time


none. a rich, popular one. jeans sweatshirts. yes.


RIT has quite the can find anyone from any background here...


I think this campus is very open to all people. people wear sweats to class, it really doesn't matter what you look like in class. You kinda gotta have money to go here though. 4 tables: Social geeks, the loaner, the jocks, and the art (girls) table


RIT was a pretty cool crowd. I hung out mostly with other animators, rock climbers, and people from my floor freshman year. So everyone was laid back, friendly, and supportive. The great thing about college is that you are now an adult, and if you don't like someone or they don't like you, for whatever reason. You don't have to hang out with them (generally). I'm sure you can find assholes everywhere, but if you are looking for cool people, they are there. Generally the majority of the crowds at RIT are pretty intellectual in either a computer gaming nerdy way, or an artistic slant. Sure you have your pretentious business majors and what not, (not to say that all are) but you can easily avoid whoever isn't worth your time.


Most students wear jeans to class, although you will see the one or two computer science kids that look like they came from the matrix. Sometimes you'll walk by someone who's barefoot (whether in the winter or in the dining hall, and they're probably friends with the matrix kid you saw in the computer science building).


Non existent. A normal liberal arts student would feel out of place. Hell I feel out of place every day going to RIT! I think a lot of that has to do with much more importance shifting to Science, math, and engineering but then again we cut that from our government's spending. I am living amongst an era when I have to get way more creative than ever before with how I make my money you understand? No longer can I just rely upon retirement benefits and a mortgage to get by. I need to look overseas at burgeoning opportunities with businesses and think to myself how can I find resources and or goods or even people to get me more wealth and security for myself? I unlock my mind and find jewels and expand my ideas into money making initiatives by specializing people to help my own self out. In short I get lucky because I move to networks that matter and are very rich in connectivity so I can maintain for a longer period of time. Not only that I take those connections and reap money from them by trading skills that they have. I know what their skills are by reading up on them quite a bit. I look for black swans and look for things right in front of my face so I can pave the way more so for myself and use companies to assist me. Maybe I'm crazy but it's how I'm starting to do it. I don't go into deep waters with shallow feet. Yet I know that my people could be struggling too so I try hard to look out for them as well. You feel me?I am Hip Hop like my peoples are. Whatever else you are asking me I am not going to play God and say that I know the answers. ~1


Non existent. A normal liberal arts student would feel out of place. Hell I feel out of place every day going to RIT! I think a lot of that has to do with much more importance shifting to Science, math, and engineering but then again we cut that from our government's spending. I am living amongst an era when I have to get way more creative than ever before with how I make my money you understand? No longer can I just rely upon retirement benefits and a mortgage to get by. I need to look overseas at burgeoning opportunities with businesses and think to myself how can I find resources and or goods or even people to get me more wealth and security for myself? I unlock my mind and find jewels and expand my ideas into money making initiatives by specializing people to help my own self out. In short I get lucky because I move to networks that matter and are very rich in connectivity so I can maintain for a longer period of time. Not only that I take those connections and reap money from them by trading skills that they have that I have none well enough about by reading up on them so much so. I don't go into deep waters with shallow feet. Yet I know that my people could be struggling too so I try hard to look out for them as well. You feel me? Whatever else you are asking me I am not going to play God and say that I know the answers. ~1


Very Diverse campus. All students are represented at RIT. Very diverse finacial backgrounds. Students from all over and a lot from state of NY. YES Politically aware. Yes students talk about what they will earn.


The student body at RIT is very diverse. We have students from a lot of different countries, though most of our student body is middle-class Caucasian. The biggest difference between RIT's population and any other institute/university is that we have the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). 10% of the student population is deaf or hard-of-hearing. This means learning a little bit of sign language can benefit you a lot - it's a little awkward to try to talk to someone and not know how.


RIT is not a competetive school. It's great. Students help each other to succeed. It's a very casual place, jeans and shorts, even PJ pants are worn to class. Professors dont care, as long as you show up and are fully clothed. Most RIT students are from the Northeast. We have a large international population (like 91 countries I think). But we do represent all 50 states. I have a friend from Alaska and another one from Hawaii. I myself am from South Florida.


1. I haven't spent a lot of time with different cultures, but it is a prominent component of RIT. 2. Students who are big partiers, do not care about academics, and are not that intelligent. 3. Most students wear whatever they want. It ranges from upper-scale designer lines, to wal-mart, to culture related dress, to athletic apparel. 4. Students spend a lot of time interacting with one another. 6. There are a lot of international students at RIT, but many people are from the New York/East Coast area. 7. Most students appear to come from well-off/rich families.

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