Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Rochester Institute of Technology is known for thier co-op program, and career fair. This career fair allows people to meet hundreds of companies and apply for an interview, providing many opertunites for future employment.


Engineering and artists. A good majority of the students there are getting an art degree or an engineering degree.


This school is best known for their men's hockey games. They are so exciting - even if you were never into hockey before attending college. This school is also known for their fantastic career fair and commitment to helping students find jobs related to their fields. The technology provided across campus is the best I have ever seen and there is a team available to help students individually fix their computers if need be.


Technology, Engineering, and Photography.


My school is best known for engineering and the 70:30 ratio of boys to girls. We are known to not have a big social life and that a lot of weird people and nerds go there. We are known for our great co-op/ interenship program and excellent job placement rate.


Our great game design program and smart engineers! Also, our huge group of deaf people.


RIT is best known for their engineering and business programs. They are some of the best in the country.


My college is best known for it's engineering and photography programs. It is one of the top photography schools in the country and is the only one that has my major which is biomedical photographic communications.


Rochester Institute of Technology is best known either for it's men's hockey team, or for it's College of Engineering.


The school is best known for its championship men's hockey team, bitter cold winters, and its spring ImagineRIT Festival.


My school is best known for its many advances in the engineering and applied science fields.


It is a technical school best known for its science and design schools.


My school is best known for its enginnering program. Rochester Institute of Technology encourages a hands on form of learning which enables the student to fully understand and apply the material being taught effectively. In addition to the school's hands on cirriculum, the job, co-op, and research oppurtunities are most appealing to prospective engineering stundents. RIT helps guide students onto their intented career path.


Engineering, Sciences, Environmental Sustainability


Probably the huge use of technology and avancement in that area. Hockey is really big here as well


our school is best known for having great technology programs, no females, or ugly females, and many many nerds.


Our school is best known for it's engineering, engineering tech, and sustainability programs. We are widely known for our aerospace program as well, and our school's advancements in green technology. Our film/video/animation program is also quite well known, and our animators are famous in their fields.


RIT has a variety of specialties. It is rimarily known for its Engineering Program and Engineering Technology Program. Both programs give students with the the ability and experience they need to exceed beyond expectations in the work place. The engineering program is more of a math and physics based curriculum. The engineering technology program is a wonderful hands on curriculum. This allows for the students not only to know the theories behind engineering but also to practice in the shop beginning freshman year. RIT is one of 2 universities in the nation that has a program for deaf students.


RIT is best known for kids interested in technical fields. It is also known for the National Technical Institute for Deaf that it is connected to. Many kids come to RIT for the co-op programs because RIT has a very great co-op system.


For its cooperative education program and a strong engineering curriculum alog with a strong printing and photography field.




The school is best known for it's technical aspect. Many of the students here are focused on some sort of education that is engineering, technical, IT, Networking, etc based. We are also known for the quarter system which is derived to help students obtain the required amount of internships the school requires you have before you graduate. Since RIT requires internships, getting a job after graduation is 60% more successful then other colleges.


Again it it best know for its co-op program.


Rochester Institute of Technology is best known for preparing students to succeed in future careers as creative and innovative individuals.


Being a bunch of geniuses!


Computer science and engineering colleges.


The new president, Destler, has been pushing for Innovation and creativity. In early May every year, RIT hosts ImagineRIT, a festival showing off the cutting edge projects and research being developed by students at RIT. The professors are very supportive of any topic you want to study further and new technological projects are being brainstormed everyday. The most interesting projects incorporate different disciplines from across the several colleges on campus.


This is an engineering school. To be blunt, it is known for being a school full of "geeks." The anime club is huge, and there is a video game major that rivals that of the country's best schools. This is a campus for video games, anime, and technical jokes.


Rochester Institute of Technology is known for Job and career placement after college. as well as Engineering and information technology.


An enormous placement rate for graduates ? almost everyone gets jobs extremely easy. It's a fantastic school an employers seek out graduates from RIT.


Computer technology and engineering.


The girl to guy ratio (was 3 to 7 when I was a freshman) and the gigantic 'hub' or sharing of files, that is for students. To the outside world, we are known for your amazing co-op opportunities and job placement.


RIT is best known for being a technical school. Its very state of the art, and diverse.


Co-ops. Technology, Science, engineering. Film, Craft, Photo.


Getting some kind of hands-on, real-life experience at their line of study/major by their sophmore or junior year.

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