Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Amazing! Great opportunities and it is completely worth it.


I enjoy attending RIT. The weather here may seem a little bi-polar, but it is no excuse to miss out on the wonderful and supportive community here. We have a large amount of Deaf students who attend NTID, one of the biggest Deaf colleges in the US. Our tutoring and specialization services are superb, allowing students easy access to educational tools and advice. The best of all, there is FREE printing services in multiple locations, FREE washing and drying services, and a library that is open 24/7 from Monday to Thursday! Night-owls, REJOICE!


I grew up on Long Island and liked the suburban atmosphere. When I arrived at RIT that was my first time being in Rochester. I was surprised how similar it was to the suburban atmosphere on Long Island. Many of the same chain restaurants and stores I was familiar with were only a short 5 minute drive away. RIT is for me in the ideal location. A short drive from malls and shopping centers, yet also right near farms and suburban communities. The best thing about RIT is that they actually listen to there students. If you have a problem with a teacher or policy and can get your class behind you, you can get that problem solved within a semester or less. If you have a good idea, you can get it implemented very quickly. The worst thing about RIT would have to be the weather. It gets very cold and windy. It can be sunny and 60 one day and freezing the next. You will get annoyed by the amount of jokes people in Rochester love to make about the random weather patterns. There is a decent amount of school pride. RIT has a division 1 hockey team but lacks any other serious sports team. The school would have much more pride if we had a more serious athletic program. This is also the main thing I would change about RIT. Invest in a football team! I am a 3rd year mechanical engineer and the staff at RIT is excellent. RIT never has any TA's teach a course (they have TA's to assist) . Real professors teach all undergrad courses. Many of these professors have spent years in the field and have first hand experience dealing with the topics covered. RIT has pretty good parties. Much better than reputation would give them. There aren't a whole bunch of gigantic crowd the streets parties (5 or so a year). But there are parties every weekend if you know where to go.


The school is really great for academics. Social life on the other hand is lacking. They do try though.


First, I guess i'll start by saying that i absolutely LOVE my school. One of the only things I think I would change is that I wish it was smaller so that it was easier to register for the classes that I wanted, and so that administration could pay more attention to individual needs rather than our needs as a whole. When I tell people I go to RIT they get pretty excited, I guess it was a great reputation, especially for Photography. Rochester is not really a "college town", but more of an art town. It's filled with all kinds of art, and it's beautiful. RIT is located on the outskirts of the city in henrietta, so it's not crazy or dangerous, but if you wanted to travel into the city it would only take about 10 minutes. Our school pride is ridiculous, especially for our hockey team. Our hockey team is our pride and joy, and the energy that can be seen at the matches is amazing, i highly recommend attending one before you decide to come here so you can see what i'm talking about.


It's a good school. Its hard to maintain good grades but it is not impossible


I truly love RIT. I think the best thing about this school is that the faculty and administrators want the experiences here to vault you to as many future opportunities as possible. Everyone stands committed to help you understand and achieve your goals. Through Co-Ops (meaning within the engineering discipline) I have received a very good reaction toward my being a student at RIT. The school has done a great job of making a name for pumping solid professionals into industry. The RIT community can seem fractured at times. Students typically move away from campus after their first year, and the school has little outside of class to attract students back to the bubble. There is no "college town" vibe. After regular class times, RIT can seem a bit vacant. With that said, there are always events going on in and around campus, its just a matter of going.


RIT is awesome! I did not go to RIT my freshman year, but when I transferred here I felt like I belonged. The students here are friendly and the professors are helpful and overall very nice. The best thing about RIT would have to be the atmosphere. If you felt like you did not fit in with the students in your high school, then you will most likely fit in here. When I tell people I go to RIT, they are very impressed. The school has a good reputation and it deserves it. I did not have school pride at my high school or my first college, but I definitely do at RIT.


If you're looking to get a grade-A education in any technical field, then RIT is definitely the college for you!


RIT makes me smile and shake my head sometimes. I see people walking down the quarter mile wearing a Santa hat in the spring, holding a "free hugs" sing, or just a large group of people having a heated argument about video games. The culture here just amazes me. It's just such a unique culture. The best thing about this school is that you can do what you want and hardly anyone will look twice. It's college, and people do the craziest things. One of the most memorable experiences that I've had, is when it was announced that the D1 hockey team would play in the Frozen Four. This was the first time this had happened. I was a freshman at the time and EVERYBODY was going insane. When the team came back to campus that night from playing a winning away game, their fans were waiting for them by the Sentinel statue beaming. The captains and goalie crowd surfed while everybody went wild with excitement. It was great that everybody came together to celebrate this wonderful occasion.


The best thing about RIT is the great people I've met here. I have many close friends who are like-minded. One thing RIT could work on is improving the housing situation at RIT. Housing is expensive, dorms are tiny, and the on campus apartments are generally horrific. I know they're expanding and ripping down the older apartments (Riverknoll), but it's still meh at best. As for RIT being a good college apparently a lot of people back home know about RIT and think highly of it as being a good, difficult tech school. It's not as revered as MIT for example, but it's a serious school. RIT is located in Henrietta which is a small, boring town. There are some things to do, but nothing crazy like a big city. Rochester itself is pretty boring and we're surrounded by farms. There's not too much school pride. Sports aren't that huge here with the exception of hockey. It's definitely NOT a jock school.


It takes a special type of student to like RIT. The academics are the best part of the school. Classes are smaller than ones at similarly sized institutions are there are relatively few giant lecture hall classes. The largest class I had was a bout 80 students (half of whom didn’t bother to show up). RIT does not feel like a 15,000 student school. The campus is pretty dead and you hardly see people out and about on campus except during changing time. RIT is not really well integrated to the Rochester community. It is not in the city proper but in a suburb (Henrietta) near some strip malls. The closest thing to a college town is a few shops by the new park point development. School pride is virtually non existent. After about 2 weeks into fall quarter, you never hear people say that they love RIT. Many students regret coming here and not to a "normal school", and end up transferring out. RIT is home to the National Technological Institute for the Deaf (NTID) so you may encounter deaf folks and interpreters in you classes. You may also be assigned to live in a dorm where most of the students are deaf you first year. Students complain about pretty much everything here at RIT; Gracie’s (freshman and masochist cafeteria), the weather (it’s not the snow that gets you, it’s the wind), quarters, inconsiderate deaf people (if you live on a “mainstreamed floor”), inconsiderate people in general, the lack of school spirit and how much people complain about RIT.


RIT can be summed up with one word: monotone. For approximately 90-95% of the year, the sky is overcast, snow is falling, the weather is bone-chilling, and everywhere you look, all you see are two colors: the white of the snow and the red of the brick. In the school's infinite wisdom, they decided to build all the buildings from the same type of brick. As a result, whenever walking to class, it can feel like you are walking in a bad cartoon show with the background constantly repeating itself, as all see is red. That is, of course, when students succeed in lifting their heads while walking to class, which only occurs as a result of two things: the first being they were able to overpower the monstrously strong wind blowing at them, created by the wind tunnel of the buildings on both sides of the walking path. The second being the rare occurrence that the nerds/geeks are able to overcome their extreme anti-social tendencies.


The people that you know make the place where you are at. So that is one of the best things at RIT, and Sportszone. One thing I would change is to add flags of RIT colors around campus. It may make campus seem a bit more lively. The school is just right, and it would be good if it got bigger. People are usually impressed that I go to RIT, and more impressed about my major. I spend most of my time on campus in building 7a & 7b, the Phi Kappa Psi house, and the Ritz. College town seems good. Anything having to do with "Tiger Town" would sound stupid. RIT's administration could loosen up a bit. The biggest recent controversy is the Riverknoll apartments being torn down, putting a lot of kids "out on the street." There is not enough school pride, but if planned right, there could be. Maybe we could get a bigger venue to host sporting events. RIT is unusual since it is built on a swamp. One experience I will always remember is being part of Mr RIT my junior year. The most frequent student complaints are that the weather could be better, more school spirit (bigger venue for sporting events instead of a gym), and more girls.


Great academics and reputation with a very high employment rate. I do not see a lot of school pride. There's way too much construction going on, I was never able to enjoy the campus, because there was always something being built or changed. I spent a lot of time on other campuses because most people I met were not social like myself and kept to themselves.


When I tell people that I go to RIT most of the time they say good for you because they think that RIT is a really hard school to get into. Other people ask me if I'm a nerd and really like technology. I personally think that I would prefer to be at a school that is a little smaller. Sometimes, especially when I was new here, I felt overwhelmed by the size of the school and didn't feel as connected as a result. I probably spend most of my time in building 7 where most of my classes are, Java Wally's, the SG office and SAU, and my dorm. I think there are a lot of issues with the administration of specific programs. There are a lot of times when I hear people complaining about the Business School, The Physics department, and the Interior Design Program. Personally, I haven't had too many issues with the administration, but I think that it completely depends on what program you are in and this colors your experience with the administration. I honestly wouldn't say there is a lot of school pride. Even coming from the people that are really involved, I have heard a lot of people say how this is "shit-hole" and how they just want to get out of here. However, the majority of people that I have heard say this are freshmen. Personally, being a transfer student and coming from a school with a completely different environment, I think the Freshmen say this because they have nothing else to compare their experience to. I think the most unique thing here is the deaf school. A lot of times I'll tell my friends how many deaf students are here and what a big part of life it is here and they are surprised. I think it makes the school have more diversity and interest.


The best thing about RIT is the assumption that you must be smart if you go here. One thing I'd change is that abundance of unsocial people. Campus events are rather boring. I'd expect the hockey games to be good, but I just haven't gone. We have talents shows and band gigs. Some people are really talented, but its a popularity contest mostly with the kid who brings his frat buddies to cheer, wins. I spend most of my time at my apartment or a friend's apartment if I'm on campus. We prefer to leave campus because parties are sausage heavy and very crowded. The best I've been to, we've thrown ourselves and had an invite list. Although if it is the school you decide on for academics, I'd suggest that you and friends try to network with people at neighboring schools. Nazareth is pretty heavy on the female population (just don't flirt with my girlfriend. Thats where I found her.) MCC should be good for parties as well, and maybe Fisher. RIT really isn't a college town. Campus is large, but they have seperated most the living areas. Each has parties, but its a pain walking between them because they circle campus. There is very school pride. The gap is so large. Most of us don't give two shits about the school, then you have you expected "spiRIT" kid that basically every school has. The teacher's pet from high school. There is nothing too unusual. Its rather boring here. Some of my fondest memories are with the rugby team (RIP for now) and in Canada. The school is only around a 1.5hr drive from Clifton Hill, which I'd recommend to visit with friends. You also have access to Buffalo Bills games easily at only an hour drive. GO BILLS!


RIT's name carries a lot of weight because people see it as a "great school" or one that is "hard to get into". It impresses people when I say I go here, but I'm not sure that I like the quarter system that much. RIT's not too big where you might get confused as to where you are, but it's not tiny either. You typically run into a lot of the same students everyday depending on your major and where your classes usually are, but there are a lot of people on campus that I've never seen before or have never talked to before. I don't spend much of my time on the academic side of campus, the majority of it is spent either in class or back at my on-campus apartment either doing work or trying to get away from the never-ending pile of bricks that is "campus". There really isn't much of a "college town" yet. MacGreggor's is right around the corner and we like to refer to it as Building 0 because it's the most common place for students to go relax and have a few drinks. There is some construction going on now that is supposed to change that whole aspect of RIT by adding some new places to go that are on campus, yet pretty far away from the dorms and the academic side. The biggest recent controversy on campus is that for graduation this year we get the pleasure of hearing our own provost speak, instead of a more famous person, like a senator, or, like last year, a former president (Bill Clinton). There are rumors going around that this is because we were supposed to have Elliot Spitzer speak... but due to the recent allegations, we decided to cancel that.


about the stereotypes: Even though RIT has its share of nerdy population, this usually stays within the CS majors. Engineers tend to vary; ME's are usually tool-friendly guys. They like dealing with physical stuff and also like anything related to an automobile and such. EE's, CE's and MicroE's like anything realted to electricity and electric signals. Even though there are some discrepancies (CE's like digital signals etc...) for the most part the population from these majors tend to have strong math skills and spend hours and hours working on projects and studying. (not that other engineering majors don't require this). IE's... well I really can't understand how anyone would want to be an IE so I'm not the one to talk about it. There are other engineering majors SE's and so on but they're not related to the other ones (SE for instance is more CS-like). Engineers are not as bad with girls as other IT people. And yes, for the most part girls are scarce and not as good looking as they are in other universities. One can usually tell if a girl on-campus doesn't go to RIT. Also girls tend to develope the virus known as the RIBS (Ratio-induced-bitch-syndrome). It's generally described as not being as friendly towards the other gender as they used to be back before they went to RIT. The cause of this is that there are such few girls that guys will literally go for anyone. So they become all fond of themselves because all their guy friends are abnormally friendly towards them. So if you're a girl and want to over-develope your self-esteem and be highly valued, welcome to RIT!


Our new president is changing everything, and I mean everything. So as far as I'm concerned this is going to be short because everything is... changing. There's a new festival for example, the Imagine RIT festival-it's going to be filled with so much stuff and it's combined with Spring Fest which is equally awesome-just a time for kids to kick back, step away from studies for a bit and have some fun.


I personally love RIT, which I know may not be the general feelings toward a lot of people at RIT, but if I could change one thing I thing is that I would allow people to legally drink on campus at sporting events, etc. I think it would bring a major profit in for the RIT school and people would enjoy being able to drink "legally" at the hockey games. When I tell people I go to RIT i usually get the "you don't belong there" or "do you hate it?" and most people are surprised I love it as much as I do. Most of my time on campus i can't say i spend it most anywhere. I go to my boyfriends apartment on campus a lot, but I also have my dorm, the tennis courts, the gym, and of course the academic side. The school pride is kind of low at the school but the members of SAAC and I are trying hard to bring school spirit up and I think over time it will work. One experience of my college life I will always remember was my first college party, which happened to be the night I met the guy I am currently dating. That was the night I met most of my close friends and I will never forget any of them.


The best thing about RIT?...I really like the quarter system here. Not many schools offer this type of academic schedule, and I think it helps classes go by quicker. It gives you a chance to take advantage of the courses here to better your education. In addition, if you don't like the class you are in, there is only ten weeks of that class...which is not as bad as struggling through half a year through a course. One thing I might change, work on recruiting more females....and the architecture! The buildings are 'boring' in a sense...too plain; and the structures on campus...are well for lack of a better word, ugly. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a statue, one would hope that it would be pleasing to the eye, and not what looks like a compilation of metals. I spend most of my time on campus either in the library or the gym. I am from Delaware, and when people ask me where I go...when I am at home, I say RIT, and the response is either, oh? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute? or they know it's Rochester Institute of Technology, and say, "oh! Great school!...that's a tough school to get into!" (I personally like the second response.) There is some school pride...definitely a lot more in athletics and hockey games. But it would be nice if there were more school pride. The most frequent school complaints? and academics. The weather is usually rainy, snowy, or cold. But personally i don't mind the rain at all. I just don't like the cold. Some complain about the academics. But I think RIT does a fantastic job at preparing individuals to enter the working world. I am happy I chose to attend this university. Sure there are stereotypes and sure there are things about RIT that are not the best...but college is what you make of it. If you take hold of the opportunities available to you, especially at RIT, you have an even better chance at success in life.


One thing that I would change about RIT is there housing options. I strongly disagree with them, I feel that student who are upperclass should get priority for housing. BUt other than that there is nothing else. I beleive RIT is a great school with a lot of school pride.


When I tell people I go to RIT, I get mixed reactions. Some people say, "Oh, cool! I had a [friend/relative] go there!" Others say, "Oh, where's that?" Once I say "...Institute of Technology" they assume I'm a tech person or an engineer. I'm technically an artist. I personally like the campus. Other students are tired of all the brick and like other campuses better, but I like the enclosed campus we have. Everything is together on one campus. If you live on campus you don't have to drive to class. I spend most of the time in the library, the labs, or the gym. If the weather is ever nice, I'll sit outside. I have a lot of friends, and sometimes we'll just sit around and discuss whatever.


The best thing about RIT is the number of opportunities. There are hundreds of clubs, activities every day. There are so many things to experience and if there isn't something going on you like you have plenty of opportunities to start something new. This can often be attributed to the size of RIT. Its the perfect size because no one group takes over, there is a little bit of everything. The size also helps the college over a wide variety of classes too. When I tell people I go to RIT they are impressed. Its not an easy school to stay in. The quarter system is intense. Its worth the work in the end though because your degree is that much more valuable because people are impressed with the school. One thing I will always remember about RIT is the people I met here. I met more international students and people from different backgrounds than I would have at most other schools. I have learned so much from these people. They have definitely opened my eyes, given me great experiences and will be something I always remember positively.


RIT is a great place. The Best thing? call me wierd but its the architecture. Sure other places might have a little more green space, or buildings older then dust (they call it 'history') but RIT looks like a whole, looks like a campus and has nice new buildings with amazing facilities. As an engineer, I spend most of my time in the engineering building, so the campus feels very small and very big at the same time. Its all about how big you want it to feel whether your more comfortable in your major or end up with a group of friends from another college in the university. Theres not a whole lot of school pride which is depressing because RIT is so unique. We have so many cool clubs and activities, student activites range (literally), from building a race car, to printing the student magazine (We have our own full size newspaper style printing press), to hockey games (our number 1 sport). Its easily one of the most unique (and slightly unusual) schools around. The school is changing a lot lately, more concentration on graduate students and research but at the same time everyone is doing their damndest not to lose focus on the undergrads for whom the school is known. The coop program is in full swing (and paid my tuition this year) and is an awesome experience. Thing I'll remember most? Has to be climbing the sentinel freshman year on a dare...


The campus may appear real pretty, but lets face it, who wants to look at bricks 24-7. Dorms are super small. People are really weird and interesting in video games or anything not social. Only normal people usually are on sports teams, but they end up usually being douches, but don't get me wrong not everyone is that weird. I mean socially, if you want to party every night you can, but its not a party school and you could prob have alot more fun elsewhere. There is no real fun town close by..i would 100% recommend having a car all 4 years. School pride, eh not really. I think i might be transferring. RIT will be SICK though in like 5 years


I really like the size of the school - it's big enough so that it's extremely diverse, but each major and college is like it's own group, so you don't have the feel of being at a big school. I spend most of my time on campus at work or in the art building - long hours are spent in the studio for a photography or design major. They're building a sort of college town right now, which looks like it's going to be a great place to hang out. When I tell someone I go to RIT, their reaction is usually a very positive one - this school has a good reputation. Of course, they also assume that I'm going to be an engineer when I tell them I'm going here, and when I say I'm a photography and design student I don't think they're as impressed... There isn't a lot of school pride, unfortunately. We aren't really that into sports (except for hockey!) I think that's mostly because if you come here, you aren't here because we have a sweet football team and party all the time, you're here because you want to get a good education. Unfortunately, the kids who come here and expect a crazy college experience give the school a bad rap... But if you're looking to party every weekend, there's always something going on. Plus, once you turn 21 there's SO many good bars and clubs in downtown Rochester.


RIT gives me several responses when i tell people that is where i go. I either get WOW! thats a great school you must be smart or i get OUCH...hows the nerds? But the WOW is enough to keep me here RIT has a good rep and thats all that matters to me. You can have fun if you let yourself. The student body is the perfect size and the worse thing about campus is the bricks.. not going to lie its a brick city but among all things its a pretty chill place


There is nothing to do here but go to school. If you are looking for parties, bring your car because you will have to go off campus. School spirit sucks, no one cars about anything but LAN parties.


RIT as a whole is a very small campus. It is completely isolated in the middle of nowhere, however, just 5 minutes of a drive and you have stores, a mall, and anything you could need. There is a project right now to build College Town close to campus, with housing, stores, and maybe some restaurants. The campus was built in the 60's so the buildings are very plain, square, and the same color of brick. It can be kind of boring to walk around in the "brick city". However, they are working on adding more flower beds and more tree's on campus. School spirit for Orange and Brown has been developing more and more every year I have been here. I would say now there is a decent amount of school spirit, especially for the hockey team. If I could change anything I'd decorate a little more the campus. I'd put in imprinted tiles on the walkways, I'd paint some RIT logo's around on benches, and I'd add more school spirit. I think the most frequent student complaint is that RIT is somehow trapped in a wind tunnel and no matter where you are walking it feels like the wind is in your face. You have to just come and visit to experience the wind, but yes it's very windy here.


School is too large, and growing fast. But, it is narrowed down by college, so I haven't had to deal with the whole campus. Parking--very limited. In my opinion, if you live on campus, you should not be able to drive to class. Those that commute (like myself) have to walk 15 minutes from teh parking lot! Housing--very limited. They say it's guaranteed, but that means that you'll get overflow--such as the INN, in which you have to take a bus to get to campus. They're building some new housing, but I don't think it's enough.


the best thing about rit is... the classes and the actual learning. I'd change the campus atmosphere. It is just right as far as size as far as I am concerned. People always ask me if I am a virgin when i tell them i go to RIT. My classes and at the liberal arts building. "what college town?" The administration is trying to make sure all the students have no fun whatsoever. Party busting. Very little school pride. The campus is isolated and dead and the students are keep indoors away from the world. The experience i will always remember is getting my party busted. The most frequent student complaints is: "why is my party being busted?"


The best thing about RIT is that everyone is friendly and warm. Its the nicest group of people I've ever been around, as well as the most helpful. I would like to change the student outlook on the school. For many people, its the place that everyone loves to hate. and the more you hate it, the more other people hate it. And when everyone talks negatively about RIT, its not going to help anyone. The people with school pride are fierce. They have extreme loyalty. Though, these people are few in number. It really goes back to how people react and feel about RIT in general. The school is rather huge, but everyone finds their niche in their department or a club. A big school doesn't always equal a little fish in a big pond scenario. When I tell people I go to RIT, I often get a blank look. Honestly, though, educated individuals who are doctors, lawyers and engineers know RIT, but average people don't. And when they do know, I'm usually asked if I'm an engineer. The art program is phenomenal, but few people know it exists. College town is being build right now. People stay on campus a lot, because there is always something to do. The administration is undergoing a process of change due to a new president. I haven't had much contact with them. The old president, and the new president have a forum online where students can ask questions, and both times I've asked, I've gotten a response from the president himself. Its a great way he makes himself available to us. People say the campus is ugly, but i think its beautiful, honestly. There's never any trash or garbage, but at the same time, you never see maintenance cleaning it up. I swear there are invisible elves.


rit has a good name-best thing. more females. size about right. people think im really smart when i tell them i go to rit. on campus i spend mostly in classes, otherwise at friends or my own apartment.. college town. so far, pleased with some professors, but really dissappointed with most, knowledge and personality. no school pride. rit doesn't give shit for breaks due to trimester. orientation week was wayyyyyyy overdone, it felt like "college camp" with counselors.


The best thing is the Wednesday Eve Society. I would change pretty much every thing else. The campus is FAR too large. Most people are impressed that i go to RIT, until i let them in on the true underworkings of this hellhole. I spend most time on campus in my room. What college town? The administration is... alright, i guess? This Dessler guy seems decent. The biggest controversy is no doubt the bullshit sentinel. fuck that shit. School pride? No. Not really. that would be moot, seeing as the only people anyone ever interacts with are fellow tigers. Unusual about RIT? the disproportionate number of dudes, transvestites, bricks, trenchcoats, and anime. One experience i'll always remember? Nothing to do with RIT. It's forgettable here. I've heard people complain about nearly everything, and rarely heard compliments.


best thing = graduation thing i'd change = go to another school just the right size how do people react when you tell them you go to rit = do you mean mit? is that a 2 year school? most of the time spent on campus = gym biggest controversy on campus = deaf kids act like bitches no school pride unusual about rit = people dress up and play real life dungeons and dragons and go larping


Best thing about RIT is the education. In my major, computer engineering, I'm getting one of the best undergraduate degrees that I could get. One thing I'd change is the school spirit at RIT. It's awful. Bring back a football team, as many people, not just sports freaks, will follow football. I think the school size is perfect. If it's from back home in PA, most people don't know much about it except it's academic record in the technical field. On campus, I spend most of my time in class or in the library. (Not considering my apartment as an answer to the question, even though it's on campus. If that was the intent, then I spend the most time in the apartments on campus.) Not a college town. It's a city, but not based around colleges. I think the new administration at RIT, aka the new president, will be good for RIT. Historically, I don't think that the administration has done enough to promote changes the students want to see. Biggest controversy was probably over what new president to hire? I don't really know of many "controversies". No. Very little school pride. Unusual about RIT is the lack of a football team. Ridiculous. An experience I'll always remember is winning the semifinals for the RIT soccer team in a shootout. Most frequent student complaints are parking issues. I think it just reflects the most common "little" issue that puts a bad taste in students mouth about the overall RIT experience.


Best thing: diversity of people, for the most part. Things I'd change: male to female ratio (obvious answer); the brick architecture; the wind-tunnel campus design. The school is just right in terms of size. A lot of people recognize it as a good college when I tell them I go to RIT. Others, however, give me the ol' "Where's that?" Most the time it's that they don't recognize the acronym "RIT".. at the very least they know where Rochester is. I actually spend most my time in the 3D animation labs, where I work on both 3D and 2D animation homework. That sounds dull, but it's turned out into more of a hang out, where all my friends and peers do their work. It's lax enough that we can make our own fun, projecting movies on the wall or playing dodgeball/baseball/frisbee in the hallway. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time at the gym, which is pretty sweet. What college town? I've been hearing about this for almost 5 years now. Get your act together! The administration is on/off out of touch with students. With our new president Dr. Dessler, there seems to be some improvement. My school's faculty is also on/off in touch with the students and the modern world. There are enough good professors that they make the school bearable. Biggest controversy? I don't think there's been one this year yet. There is at least one average per year. Many years ago we had riot police come in to break up a non-riot (huge misunderstanding there). Following the VA shootings, a student had a case of wrong-place-wrong-time when he was caught cleaning his rifle. Oh! now there having some smoking issues, thinking that they should stop providing cigarettes at the student alumni building. Pride? Not really, no. People will wear sweatshirts and the colors, but there aren't any rivalries with other schools, or the apparent need to shout proudly: "I come from RIT! Woooo!" We do have good turnouts for hockey games, though... but that's about it. Must be a northern thing. Unusual about RIT? Oh, definitely... but you get used to them - the people, the activities, the culture. So used to them, in fact, I can't think of anything really to use as an example. They've been in bedded into my sense of normalcy. Pschh, experience? Several, but they're mostly stupid, silly things I've done with my friends. Not like: "I remember one time the administration at RIT put together this really fun event", etc. I think this is the case with any college, however - you're going to remember your friends most of all, and the antics you mustered. Complaints: not enough girls (then the girls say: "not enough quality guys", and the guys agree to increase their chances with those girls). In all fairness, there are a lot of creepy guys, and they do ruin it for the rest of us normal guys. Other complaints: too windy, fun police get in the way all too often (our game of capture the flag was broken up!), bad parking situations, the sentinel is ugly as crap (a lot of the artwork is unnecessarily "arty"), and the number of bricks keeps growing.


Requirement to do a CO-OP - Scenery - Just right - Either amazed i go to such a prestigious school or they have never heard of it - dorms - no college town here yet - pretty nice from who i know - something about a threat last week - yes - all this brick - the president dyeing his hair - campus is ugly and its cold


The best thing is the red barn, the bouldering there is fantastic. I would change the school spirit about sporting events . I think the size is just right. most adults are impressed. students tend to think its a dorky school. I spend most of my time at the lovely 3d animation lab. what college town? the admin is good. black vs brown school colors. not that much school pride. the lack of student pride, i think, is unusual. also the students tend to be a little different, which i really like about this school. I will always remember the tennis team and all the years i've been on it. nothing to do. quarter system drives people over the edge.


The best thing about RIT is being able to learn so much about my major. I would change the tuition rate. I believe RIT is just the right size for me at least. Most people from home have never heard of RIT so when I tell them I go there I don't usually get a reaction. Because I am a photo major I spend most of my time in building 7, in the studios or the printing labs. I don't really deal with the administration a lot so I don't have much of an opinion on them. The biggest controversy was probably over building Park Point. I think there could definitely be more school pride. The weather is probably the biggest complaint from RIT students.


Mmm the best thing about RIT....right now I'd have to say the networking and prestige that goes along with the name...I feel confident that I will leave this school a step ahead of most people from other colleges... I think the school is a decent size...regardless of the size, you're simply goin to be too busy to meet everyone anyways haha... I spend most of my time either in my class buildings or SAU...or dining areas....and SLC haha...(september-march i'm always in the pool).... School pride here is a little rough..fortunately the hockey team brings some in...but other sports somewhat die around here..I for one can say that swimming brings very little school pride...people prob. dont know we exist haha... I love's one of my fav. RIT events...and I loved my first year dorm situation was perfect and i really enjoyed being a freshman NOT live in the dorm your second year...bad's only potentially perfect once haha... People complain a lot...but so it goes....the weather isnt perfect and everyone is stressed...but you learn how to manage time and you become an amazing worker....just do it...


I like RIT. I think it is a good size and i love the people here and the hockey program. I think you get what you put into it. I wish there were more girls here. People always say this is a good school and that you have to be really smart to go here so i don't mind tell people i do.


I was in the animation school, which was kinda ignored by the administration. The administration didn't care too much about the arts (in my opinion) and the school of film and animation didn't really understand animation. A lot of the film teachers were unwilling and didn't care about it, so you got a lot of ridiculous feed back. But in the end that was kind of preparation for the real world. As to hanging out on campus, I spent almost all my time in the lab. Towards the end, I slept the 6 nights a week. So yeah I worked a lot, but it was fun and a cool experience. I think I was pretty prepared for working in the real world. If I could do it again, I would have learned to spend more time enjoying my college experience and not working as much. I guess if it wasn't for climbing at the barn, I would have gone insane.


The best thing about RIT is co-ops. Not only do you get paid good money while in school, but its a walk in the park to have a full time jub lined up before even graduating. There needs to be more school spirit, but it is changing and growing. Almost everyone knows the school when I say RIT. We have our own school weekly magazine that really is well produced, but the best part was the crime watch, and they took that away!


The best thing at RIT is hands down the high emphasis upon real World experience with local businesses in classes and in co-ops. One thing that I would change is the color scheme of RIT. It is simply too dull in its approach. It doesn't grip you and is not very modern in its feel and is too unbalanced all around. One area the college of business has more of a modernistic appeal to it and the other colleges do not as much. For one thing Thomas Golisano does not really know design! I don't really know RIT's administration but in general from what I have seen from what they have done I think they are excellent. No real big controversy's have really occurred since I've been going to RIT. There is a lot of school pride for hockey yes. I think the strong emphasis on co-operative education is so relevant and makes RIT unique. One experience that I will always remember is last September when I dressed up like Ritchie and was at the Student Alumni Ball. I do not know what the most frequent complaints are because I am not a search engine or an analytics program. Haha I am a smart ass sorry.


The best thing at RIT is hands down the high emphasis upon real World experience with local businesses in classes and in co-ops. One thing that I would change is the color scheme of RIT. It is simply too dull in its approach. It doesn't grip you and is not very modern in its feel and is too unbalanced all around. One area the college of business has more of a modernistic appeal to it and the other colleges do not as much. For one thing Thomas Golisano does not really know design! I don't really know RIT's administration but in general from what I have seen from what they have done I think they are excellent. No real big controversy's have really occurred since I've been going to RIT. There is a lot of school pride for hockey yes. I think the strong emphasis on co-operative education is so relevant and makes RIT unique. One experience that I will always remember is last September when I dressed up like Ritchie and was at the Student Alumni Ball. I do not know what the most frequent complaints are because I am not a search engine or an analytics program. Haha I am a smart ass sorry.


Big School, with small school feel. Change the buildings. Just Right. People react as if I am very smart when I tell them I go to RIT. Spend my time in Athletics. College Towm. The administration is great, caring and fair. Pretty good school spirit. Growing larger each year. Most memorable experience is living in on campus apartments. Student complaint about alcohol policy.


The most frequent student complaint about RIT is that the weather is awful. If you come here be prepared for it. We all share the hardships of the winter and it becomes one big joke to make fun of rochesters' weather. When spring comes we truly know how to embrace it. The best thing about rit is its' great reputation for academics. When you graduate from rit you know you have accomplished something huge, and your resume will appreciate it. The biggest uniqueness that RIT has is the wonderful deaf community that surrounds it because of NTID. Everywhere you go you will see people signing. You will be distracted by the interpreters in front of your class at least once, and it's great! By the time you leave RIT if you haven't learned at least a few signs then you really missed out on a special part of the culture here!

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