Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you care more about your academics and career and you don't really care about frat parties then this is the school for you.


Nerds of all kinds striving to succeed using science, mathematics, and technology.


Driven, career-oriented people interested in the hard sciences and driven liberal arts students who recieve large scholarships and who are interested in doing hands-on research.


Somebody who is self devoted and strongly wanting a better career path


The kind of person that should attend Rochester Institute of Technology should be a person who wants to know how to do their future job with the latest technology. Rochester Institute of Technology is a place where the technology is always changing and people learn exactly what they need to so that they will be succesful in the future at their job. This school also has co-op and internship opportunites so the students can go and apply what they have learned in a actuall work setting so students are set up well for the future .

Andrew P

someone who is hardworking and creative. RIT advances creativity and innovation, however its a tough school and you will have trouble if you cant stay focused on the homework you need to get done


I believe that if you have a passion for anything technical you'll definitely fit in at RIT. Of course there's other majors but a majority of the people I've met are nerds like myself so if you're nerdy you should attend here.


People interested in Technology, Engineering.


A person who is absolutely dedicated to their work should attend their school. If they know what they want to do, they should come here.


Artists and nerds


Anyone can attend because there is something to interest every type of person no matter thier interests.


The kind of person who would do well at this school is one who is very self-motivated and dedicated toward their educational goals.


Any person can attend this school. There are people from every walk of life and all corners of the world, no one should feel discouraged. Everyone is accepting of one another and they offer a fantastic education in lots of majors and minors. Though it is notorious for its technological and deaf community appeal, I study medicine here and love it.


Someone who is willing to work hard, the quarter system is fast paced. Also someone friendly; too many people at RIT stay cooped up in their rooms. You have to get out there.


Someone who doesn't mind being around some rather strange, sometimes socially-awkward people. The biggest majors here are computer-related - game design, computer science, computer engineering, etc. There is an unusually high number of people who spend far too much time behind a computer screen and not enough time outside or talking to real people. Also, speaking of "outside", it is really cold here during the school year. However, if you decide to stick around and do research on campus for the summer, you will be rewarded by mild summer temperatures and excellent weather.


The Rochester Institute of Technology is a very rigorous learning environment that constructs it's curriculum under the quarter system which can impose much stress on students. Its atmosphere is composed of very talented, creative, and highly intelligent individuals that are extremely focused on their academic success. RIT boasts a diverse campus which allows students to innovate and explore endless opportunities in and outside of their field. Any individual with a passion for education and a solid work ethic should consider RIT.


Someone who is focused on their schoolwork and what they want to do with their lives. Someone who has great study skills and is motivated to do well. Someone who can deal with a lot of school work and learn it fast.


Highly motivated success driven student.


a person who is embraces iversity of all kinds. It is a place with all kinds of people and experiences. It is no joke school so be prepared to do your work, most people are there for that reason and thst reason only. It is not a huge party school, but that doesn't mean it's not fun. Very technology based, so if you aren't a fan of doing most everything on the computer, or using it to help you, I wold reconsider.


Someone who is able to handle a lot of work and stress well. A person who can appreciate differences and knows exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives


I think any kind of person can attend this school, though it is favorable that you are a tech student or something along those lines. While this school does have great art, music, etc buildings, classes, and resources, RIT is still a technology school and thats what the main majors are.


driven, hardworking , artistic, creative, nerds, students who want real world experiences,


anyone who is academically focused- definitely not for someone trying to just "get by" with minimal effort


Overall I feel that the person that should attend this school is someone that wants to work hard for their degree and maintain a social life as well. I feel that RIT is well balanced at providing a stimulating learning environment as well as a fun and reasonable social environment as well. There are plenty of fraternities and sororities therefore there is a strong greek environment as well.


A person that feels she or he belongs here. If they don't feel they belong, then what in the world are you doing at RIT?


I would say the type of person who should attend RIT is someone who is either geeky, or just likes to work hard. You arent looked at funny at RIT if you say you can code, or fix someones computer, like other colleges.


The cool, computer-smart kind of geek.


A hard worker and someone that is very serious about their future.


A person who wants to be in the tech or design or business field that has a specific interest in math and science.


class oriented and socially self motivated


Anyone who likes the arts and computers but there are also a lot of people with different interest to meet here on campus, sports always stick together even though we are not a big sports school the teams are like big families, same with frats and sororities. someone who takes their school work seriously there is so much work and a lot of time put into your school work, especially if your an art major foundations are time consuming, hard to balance social extra curricular and academics because academics take up a lot of time.


Technology students. Very smart.


Someone who wants to get a job after college


Someone willing to work hard and be willing to put up with a lot of technical talk


Somebody who knows what they want to do or at least have it narrowed down to two or three choices. Only smart and dedicated students will survive the tought 10 week quarters.


Someone who is motivated and hard working. This school requires a lot of time dedicated to academics and graduating from RIT is something to be proud of in my opinion. If you are looking to party and drink all the time than this is not the place for you.


Computer kids


A tech savvy, computer oriented, "world of warcraft" player, doesn't mind not EVER going out person.


Somebody who wants to get a good, high paying job right out of school.


People that like to study a lot. And people that arn't toooo into partying, we dont have great parties around campus, it's dry.

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