Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Extremely serious and conservative people should NOT attend RIT, because the community as a whole is very laid-back, chummy, and has open arms! Some pretty crazy antics go down here, and no one takes themselves too seriously. We are also a bunch of nerds and geeks, so if you can't respect MMORPGs or people who sometimes prefer studying over partying, you would be better off somewhere else.


A person that likes small, quiet classes with a very calm atmosphere would most likely not enjoy this college. If a person likes to be alone and spend their time indoors, they probably will not appreciate all that RIT has to offer.


Someone who has a hard time steping out of their shell to find friends and things to do. RIT is a great school with something for everyone and there are lots of people with all kinds of interests. However you wont be forced to be social so if you have a hard time going out there and finding things RIT may not be for you


Peopel who are interested in other people. One of the best things about RIT is the amount of diversity there is and the amount of people out there in the world who have ridiculously crazy backgrounds in lots of things.


In my opinion I would say that there isn't a "kind of person" that wouldn't enjoy going to school here. I absolutely love it and I think that it's a great school. RIT is fulled with unique people have come together to be great friends. If you don't like to work hard, then RIT is not the school for you.


People who dont take college education serious.


Someone who doesn't have a career goal in mind and doesn't want to do a lot of work.


I think depend on individual to everyone. Everyone is exploring going school and social many different type of people into networking. Person shouldn't go this type of school does not have part of technical skills rlate iself school. Our school mostly focus on technology, depend mostly using hands, computer, computer science, libral course so on. I believe everyone has different persepective explor in school and see what potiental they can have before pick out the major or got accpeting into their field. As myself, I have seen things many people transfer to different school doesn't fit in major.


There are a lot more males than females at the school, especially in the tech related colleges. Anyone bothered by that probably shouldn't attend. Also, anyone who prefers a city lifestyle. RIT is located in a suburb-like place and the public bus system is kind of difficult.


Someone looking to just play sports, party, or live a great social life, there isn't much time for that. RIT is extremely fast paced, busy, demanding, yet rewarding.


Anyone with a lack of ambition who is not likely to seek out what they want from a college


Although the admission process is selective, if a person is admitted, he was meant to be at RIT, because many types of people such as artists, nerds, deaf and hard of hearing, parents go to RIT.


A person that loves to be social


Many kids are not excited by the social aspects of RIT. it can be known as a school with many socially awkward students but if you look for things to do you will have no trouble having fun.


It's tough question I've never heard before. But I think it would be criminal who have done horrible. Criminals shouldn't attend and has no trustwrothy to us. But not drug criminals like who addicted to drugs. If they should stay clean if they could go to college because they're importants.


People who don't want to do co-ops, and anyone that gets homesick if they don't live in the area. Anyone who doesn't like extreme cold, snow, ice, and long winters.


One who hates the cold and loves to party


Someone who is not ready to do the work or someone who does not like/use technology


someone looking for a party school. unless you mean LAN parties.


Someone who does not know what they want to do or is not willing to work hard & study


Rochester Institute of Technology is not a party school. The students that go there want to learn and succede in life, not spend weekends drinking and playing games.


Any student who is searching for a party school or a generally sociable crowd of people to engage with may be better off finding a different school. Liberal arts students may want to consider other options. People who require a large amount of financial aid should not attempt to attend RIT unless they are sure of getting it from an outside source. Also, and this is important, if you do not have a car, you will be stuck in the middle of a large commercial development with poor transportation to and from the adjacent city.


RIT is known for being a school of science and technology. I wouldnt suggest this school to anyone interested in any type of liberal arts majors. It has a strong engineering, computing, and science base, for those interested in education, music, or business I would not recommend RIT.


Anyone more interested in partying or attending social activities. This school is difficult, and requires alot of work. If a prospective student is attending college for the social scene, this is not the place.


Extremely liberal people and people who do not like the winter should not attend this school. It snows here quite often and the student population is more one the concervative side.


One who is unmotivated and is not willing to try their hardest to succeed academically.


someone who doesn't really care about their school work and just wants to party. Also theres not a lot to do on campus like scocially other then ocassionally partying.


Some one who is looking to party all day, every day.


People who are looking for a vibrant urban downtown with a lot of nightlife. Constant partiers.


Anyone who "fit in" in high school.


Anyone who wants a social life. I don't feel as though I'm getting "the college experience" by going to RIT and I certainly wish I'd picked a different school now. With any luck, I can get out of here after next year.


Conservative students will feel out of place because this college is about inovation and creativity.


A person who has a habit of drugs, it is fairly easy to acquire them on the campus but difficult to maintain grades with them and you're just taking the space of someone else who wants to be there and deserves it more and who won't throw it away like they do.


People that are too into partying.


If you are really into collegiate sports, I wouldn't go to RIT. Don't get me wrong, RIT does have a strong athletic program, especially the Men's Hockey Team.; however, RIT doesn't compare to those Division I schools like Duke and Michigan where the whole school is extremely school spirited and weekend activities revolve around the basketball or football teams. Also, if you think college is one big party, RIT isn't the place for you, as the campus is dry.

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