Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish they would have told me how many classes were "weed out" classes. I would not have taken them!


I wish I had known the actual atmosphere of the campus when I took a tour of the campus. I would have chosen to do early decision instead of regular decision.


I am a photo major, I was told that where would be no math; week one I got a warm welcome to photo tech.


I wish I knew how fun it was to get involved with clubs and social groups on campus so I could have done it sooner. It is an amazing experience and a great way to make new friends.


I wish I would have known how much I would need a car to get to places that are off campus or even the bookstore.


I wish I had known how cold Rochester was! After this, I'll be moving south, permanently.


The food at my school is very expensive.


Not much. The place is amazing.


I wish I had known about how difficult the classes would be. The AP tests that I came in with and used to get out of 100 level classes did not prepare me for the 200 level classes.


I wish I had known how truely life changing college would be. It doesn't as much change who you as a person are, but you realize the type of person you want to be in the near future. You learn a lot about whether you can be away from family or you can travel miles away. You learn how to manage your time, and most importantly out of everything I wish I knew how responsible you have to be in college. No one is going to run after like in high school for work.


I wish I was more knowledgeable on video games and other "nerdy" stuff before I came here.


I wish that I had known that it was as windy as it is in Rochester. I was not prepared for the windy days walking to class. I would tell anyone who comes to RIT in the future just to make sure they have a windbreaker or something of that sort to wear when you walk to class on the windy days.


I wish that I would have known how different college is from high school. During the first week of the academic year, I was very nervous that the former issues I left behind in high school would resurface. Needless to say, I quickly realized that college life is a truly unique experience that is full of more positives than negatives compared to high school.


I wish I had more programming experience before coming to this school. It would have been much easier for me to transition to my first programming class if I had such critical experience.


I wish I had known more about the deaf community present on campus. I didn't even know it existed until my first day of orientation. While I was aware of NTID, I didn't know how big of an impact it had on the lives of everyone living on campus.


I wish I had known that RIT looks at class rank and GPA for scholarships and I would have liked to have had both higher before I applied to t the institute.


I wish I had known the scholarship I thought I could get would turn out to be full. Though if I had I may not have come here and would probably have opted for an in-state school. Besides that, I knew quite a bit about the school before getting here so I wasn't too surprised by really anything that I feel I would have been better prepared for knowing about in advance.


As far as schools go I really wish I had learned more about different kinds of financial aid before I came.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known exactly how expensive it would be.


I wish i had known that the school would really end up being more costkly than i had anticipated and also how hard it would be for me to be academically sucessful. Also i widh i knew that i would be having absolutely no fun what so ever.


I wish that I knew more about the different career oppurtunities before I came to RIT becauuse thats something that you do not learn in high school. They should show you different majors and allow you to experience them and then choose one rather than basically guessing at a major that you think you may like because you need to choose one.


I do wish I grew up with happy family or upscale but I've been rasied by the working class. I wanted to be rich and support my family and wanted to pay for my parents' retirements. But I'm not sure what's fate I have. It's my only hope to change my life from unhappy to happy. That's why my future is important to me.


I wish I had known how much more scholarship money I could have gotten if I had tried and gotten better scores on the SAT's and ACT's.


I wish a was a little better prepared in my study habits as the course load can be very progressive and sometimes stressful.


that it was very heavily technically based and ignored many of the other issues that are involved in my field of study


I wish I would have known how much appartments on campus cost.


That the student population consists of only 33 percent woman.


fix something! more healthy!


I am pretty satisified with how things have worked out. I probably would have liked to know about the program I am in at my school earlier, but I am satisfied with how everything has turned out.


Parking issues.


I wish I knew how much I valued my friends at home. I had no idea people else where in the United States were such idiots.


I wish I had know more about my program (Psychology) before I came to RIT. It's not that I don't love the program, I just would have been better able to plan out my classes better if I had done more research.


weather patterens of the region


Before I came to RIT I wish I had known more about the hockey team. When I entered college, they were not Division I, so I didn't know much about them, but while I was there, they went through the process of becoming D-I, so I began attending more hockey games. They are a ton of fun to watch and a great (and cheap) on-campus activity on a Friday or Saturday evening.


The school often seems indifferent to the individual student. There are alot of facilities available on campus, and alot of things like intramural sports that look good when looking at the campus, but what they don't tell you is that these things are often in use by the school for other events and unavailable to the students, and the intramurals are often cancelled for events.


I feel i was pretty well aware of what was to come, but if there was a way to help financially a little more before i came, that would have been very helpful.


I wish that I had known how much work it was going to take to suceed at this school. Although I don't have a problem doing the work.


I wish that I had a better knowledge of what I chose to study. This would have given me a little bit of an edge in class, which is always helpful.


I wish I knew I was going to change majors, I also wich I knew more about my major before I switched.


I wish i was more aware of how fast paced RIT is. It goes by the quarter system, 10 weeks never feels like enough time to get everything done. It is fast paced and sometimes stressfull but well worth it.




How much the cost of living there was.


I wish that I would have known how expensive it was going to be in the long run.


That the major I am currently in, (Game Design & Development) was coming out after my freshman year and that I should have been in IT before I transferred in.


my way around campus

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