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Describe your favorite campus traditions.

My school is best known for all of the majors and classes that are offered. The college offers incomeing freshman over 50 majors that you can choose from for your career. The classes are well known for being small, but also creating a personal and perfessional realtionship with the professors and students. The credits are also widely known to transfer over to four year universitys or colleges. They have great programs to help students choose the career that is best for them and their interests.

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Getting a quality education at a school that has more hands on and one on one help than a universtiy. Most of the professors have worked in the field in which they are teaching so you do learn how the information relates to practical use other than just laerning from a book. With the smailler size of students it's easier to get advice about where you want to head in your field from someone that has been there. If you don't know exactly what you want to do there is a lot of guidence.

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I believe for Rock Valley being a community college as it is, it's very diverse. So there is always oppertunity to meet someone new and different.

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