Rockhurst University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag to students about my school I first mention the amount of financial aid I received. A majority of students here at Rockhurst have financial aid. I also brag about the programs and majors offered here. Rockhurst offers many majors related to professional careers such as pre-med, CSD, nursing, OT, PT, and business. I also like to brag about its location. I quite enjoy Kansas City!


Small class size. Rockhurst made the top universities list in newsweek magazine.


I brag to th my friends about the landscaping on campus because even though it is a small school, the landscaping is always beautiful.


First, I am glad that they had an evening program for adults who are working full-time. Secondly, I am glad that Rockhurst had a Paralegal program and I was able to transfer all of my associates degree credits and apply it to my bachelors degree. In fact, if they did not have the Paralegal program, I would have had to start over again. At my age, if I could not find a school that had the Paralegal program, I may not have further my education.


I love the people. Everyone cares about each other, and the community at Rockhurst cannot be replicated. If someone's family is going through a difficult time, the Rockhurst family prays and assists them in the ways they can. I also love that even if you can't go to dinner with your closest friends, you can always find people to sit and eat with. People are not exclusive, and they are geniunely interested in getting to know a variety of people. So overall, I love that Rockhurst has a strong support system and cares for each individual.


I brag mostly about the size of my school and how accessible everything is.


The upperclassmen and the males really look out for the lower classmen and females


small classes, professors know you by name, in the heart of Kansas City with small school atmosphere, friendly students mostly from the midwest


It is near downtown, in the middle of everything.


I like how because we have a lower student population, when I go places, the people there are people I know. I like knowing everyone in my school and seeing familiar faces. Its easy to meet people and make friends. People are very welcoming and interested.