Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Top Questions

What should every freshman at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design know before they start?


Hello Carlie. Yes, thats right, it’s me. Or you, depending on how you want to look at it. You are a great student when you’re actually trying, and you know it. If it’s something you’re passionate about, you’re going to get an A+. Of course, that does not make it okay to be lazy about things you’re not passionate about either, so don’t do it. It’ll get you in better places in the future. On the up-beat side, you’re going to pass your classes and get into the college of your dreams, and believe me, it’s going to be FUN. You’re going to make new friends, and you’re going to love it. Now then, that we’ve gotten how your high school is going to end, let’s get into the important stuff. Scholarships. Like the one I’m doing now to get you to do better. They are the KEY. You did a TON in your senior year, but there is never too much scholarships. They help, and you can find some awesome stuff when you try. Now get out there and do those scholarships!


Even though I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I wish I had gone to college sooner. I wish I had tried harder. I wish I didn't worry about the cliques and popularity in the school, but just really focused on my studies more.


I have learned that the greatest disaster a person can make is not to become educated. I have also learned that what you get out of school is the time and effort that you put in. If you are half-heartedly involved in school then it will be reflected in your knowledge of the material. I have been lucky enough to receive a fantastic education and the skills to be a functional member of society by being able to make informed decisions about issues and problems we are facing together. It has been valuable for me to attend because of the impact that some of my professors have had on my life. I appreciate my professors greatly; especially those who have taken a personal interest in there students development both intellectually and professionally.


I have gotten some amazing things out of my own college experience. It has been the most life-changing experience I have yet to encounter. I have learned countless life-lessons, learned some harsh realities of the world, and realities about myself. It's been a valuable experience simply because it is not an experience you can explain or re-create. For everyone, it's a different experience,. A learning process that another person can't explain because it doen't pertain to them. I will remember college as the most enjoyable and influential years of my life, that's a value one could never artificially create.


I began attending college twenty years and six kids after high school graduation. During my experiences at Cosumnes River College, a community college in my neighborhood, I have gained so much more than the actual material covered in class. I have gained a more accurate sense of self, community, and the world in which we live. The knowledge I have gained has made me a better mother, neighbor and socially responsible consumer. Completing my general education requirements at a small junior college have enabled me to broaden my mind in a supportive, comfortable setting, and prepared me for the larger academic challenges that await me in the fall at Sacramento State University. Finally, the most valuable result of my attending college is that my three eldest children have followed in my footsteps and are currently enrolled as full time students, pursuing their own higher education. As the first person in my family to attend college, it inspires me to think that due to my influence, my children, and their children after them, will view college as part of their expectations of life after high school, and a degree as an obtainable step towards their professional adult lives.


My college experience has been very valuable. I have received a well rounded awareness of the society and physical world we live in. I feel that it is valuable because my thoughts can span across the centuries of history and tradition that I have learned about. I am not ignorant of philosophical views, I am aware of technological processes. I can share about them and I can make judgments and comparisons that I could not have made prior to college. I feel like I can contribute to society and specifically to my own family. There are several benefits that go past the immediate goals of a college that have been acquired. I have made several friends. I have learned to balance my life and to be disciplined. My courage has increased because I feel capable and aware. I want to continue for a master's degree because of the field I have chosen. It is a requirement for some employment positions, well the ones I want to have. I get personal satisfaction when I learn something new every day.


So far I haven't attended classes, but just being around here is enjoyable. So far everyone I've come across is just chill about everything, everyone has been friendly and interesting. An important factor I considered in my college search was the atmosphere and the classmates--I am sick of drama that comes with high school and want to be among mature intellectuals that have interesting viewpoints and are able to keep to themselves. I believe I found that at RMCAD. Also, the acedemics for the field I've entered (photography) seem exceptional. The classes and Instructors are all fun and I'm sure will keep my attention. I'm so excited to dive right into my art and learn to express myself fully through my photos. I like learning in a comfortable environment, I found that at RMCAD.


College always seemed like a far thought-- as the youngest of three, I saw my brothers go to college and graduate all before I started high school. I never gave much thought to the future, until I woke up one day having two weeks to complete college applications. Fortunately, I managed to get accepted into my dream school, Parsons the New School of Design. People often asked how I would pay for such an expensive school: it will all work out, was my response. Summer quickly came, I tried applying for loans, but due to my young age I needed an eligible cosigner, whom I had not. Eventually, after trying just about everything, I accepted the fact I would not be going to Parsons that fall. Thus, my parents and I are currently struggling to pay for a college I don't t even want to go to. I am still learning from my mistakes. If I were to do it all over again, I would tell myself that it is never too early to think about college, to think about the the future, to keep track of time, because it always flies by at the most inconvenient times.


I would tell my self to not hold back, college is so full of oppertunites to grow as a person you can't be afraid to try new things and test your broundries. Trust your judgement and know that you can handel more then you think. Try not to get classes before 9:00am you will thank yourself. Dont be afraid to talk to people that are very different from your high school friends, with different friends you will discover different sides of your self . This is the beginning of your life trust your self have fun and set your goals high!


Hey, Rachel. Yeah, it's me. I mean... you, I guess. I know, it's weird that you have blue hair now, but that is not the point! Please, do the both of us a favor and go outside. Talk to people. Make friends. Experience life outside your room. The world is not nearly as big and scary as you make it out to be, and life is really not so terribly hard. You have spent the majority of your existence curled inside a protective shell, afraid to be you and afraid to experience the other. You have no reason to be so shy; you are an intelligent, creative, strong, and beautiful person (although your modesty dwindles in a few years). And while I'm here, really get started on your artwork! Don't just let those ideas for comics float around in your head, draw them! Paint more! Write poetry, prose, and music. Try sculpture. Artistic talent comes from plenty of practice and dedication, not just innate ability, so you should start early. Besides, everything is so FUN if you just put some effort into it. Good luck.