Rogers State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nothing I enjoy this school.


There are not enough electives or sports teams. RSU does not have a swimming team or even a football team. It does have a few fraternities and sororities that take part in games like volleyball , flag football, dodgeball and other fun activities but not enough university sports. Adding a few more sports could increase high school athletes and gain more student athletes. Although,the baseball team is good and the basketball team is great.


the classes are not all day, we need a more wide variety of times of classes throught the day


Its size and the quality fo teachers outside the nursing program.


There is only one set of dorm on campus as of right now. I believe that the college is working on adding more housing. There a lot of people that would like to live in the dorms, but cannot because member of the Honor Program and President's Leadership Class, who are required to live in them for their first two years. There just is not enough housing basically, and I believe once their is more added the campus student life will grow and improve as it has been doing since I have come to RSU.


Lack of tutors for classes. Some classes do not relate to the nusing field and we have to take them anyway and there are no tutors to helo the people struggling through these pointless classes.