Rogue Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know as a place to go in order to complete general education classes before a transfer to a four year college.


My school is best known for being green. Our main building is newer and was built specifically to reduce the school's carbon footprint. We incorporate energy saving lights and air conditioning, water saving sinks and toilets, recycling facilities and an intuitive, innovative earth friendly design. Our cafe is organic and healthy for the most part, and their coffee is even locally roasted and fair trade. Throughout the year posters and student projects are put on display, those of which are devoted to being earth-aware and recycling-oriented, as well as spreading education.


I am not sure but I would say Allied Health programs.


Learning about Rogue Community College, I found one it's best features is the staff. Going through the process of enrolling and getting started was a breeze. Not only did they help me with the process, they wanted to help me!


My school is best known for it's diversity and affordability. RCC is a place that people can go right out of High School to help transition to the college life or help with pre-reqs with a transfer degree to a 4-year college. It is also a place for older people wanting to get back into the work force or wanting to learn new skills.


My school is best known for the ablity to have on site tutoring all the time. They want you to strive to be a great student they have a fantastic tutoring site on campus which is almost most of the time, where any student can come in and get help for any subject. Its the best.


I suppose my school is best known for it's incredible ability to get anybody started in the right direction, no matter what career path they may have chosen. I love the computer courses offered at Rogue Community College.


I think for their technical programs.