Roosevelt University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Maria Teresa Angelica

Just based on what I have seen so far with Roosevelt starting from the time I applied, they are very hands-on and accommodating to the students. They consistently check up on you and follow up regarding your enrollment, registration, and other school needs or inquiries. They make themselves available to you based on your own comfort and convenience and they constantly send you reminders and any additional information that you might need in order to have a good experience in this school.


I brag a lot about my school because it has so many things. The library that the school has it has so much information that it can maybe even help the person finish their homework fast and prepare them for the final exam. Also the places where you can go out and study is amazing it has a wonderful view and the people there are ready to help. Another thing is that my school have amazing labs who ever is planning to get in the medical field this is a great place to actually prepare for it.


When telling others about what I like most about Roosevelt University, I always start by telling them of the people that I have met. Due to my Mother returning to school while I was in Elementary, I have had enough experience in Universities to know that what I have found at Roosevelt is special. From Faculty and Professors to Students and Resident Assistants, most of whom I have met have helped me improved myself in some shape or form. Without them, I am sure I would not have succeeded my first year and for that I am grateful.


i tell them about the earlier times of the school and how unique it is. i also tell them that our dorms are built in 2004 so they are bigger then most. i also tell them that it is the perfect size. the student teacher ratio is perfect. i tell them that it is in the middle of the city right on the lake. i also tell them that our library is beautiful and most of the class views are of the lake.


I brag about the location. I love that it is right downtown chicago and very close to the train station.


I tell them it has small class size and every student receives almost individual attention from the professors. It is close to home and work and has a very good reputation in the community. There are a lot of majors to choose from, excellent learning resources, it has a friendly atmosphere very conducive to learning.


I tell them that the classes are small and the Professors are willing to and ready to help. As an older than average College student I enjoy going to a school that has a diverse student body as far as age and ethnicity goes. I also like that the tuition is reasonable while the quality of education is exceptional.


The community of people at Roosevelt. Students, teacher and staff really do care about the students. People are friendly and overall helpful.


The classes and professors that I have come into contact with are professional and challenging. If I am paying a lot of money to attend a school I want it to be worth while and so far it hase proven to be.


My school is downtown Chicago, I always brag about the views that I will see when I am studying. I also brag about the ease it has been to be a transfer student.


The location of the campuses is great. The main campus is downtown on Michigan Ave and there is also a campus in Schaumburg that is very close to my home. These two very different locations are good for a variety of students and there is something for everyone on or near both campuses.


I brag about the great programs at my school that hep me succeed. One program is called project prime. They help alot by offering free printing, loaning onefree book per semster, and giving free workshops that give great advice onhow to succeed in school.


I mostly brag about living in the middle of the city. There is always something to do and I am never bored. I also brag about small class sizes. The small classes make it easy for me to communicate with my professors, while most of my friends must communicate with teacher's assistants and can rarely get direct advice from their professors.


What i brag about most about my school is the campus life, the nice students, and the great programs that are offered for the major you chse.oos


Some of the classes I have taken and the Professors.


Small classes, attentive professors, get to know and talk to professors


Mostly I brag about the location. I go to school in downtown Chicago and I get to meet alot of very interesting and cool people. I get to see and do alot of cool things and I like that. I don't think I could get the same sort of experience if I didn't go to school in Chicago.


I tell my friends that my school is located in downtown Chicago! Need I say more?


The city! The campus is in downtown Chicago so there's a lot of culture and opportunity that you don't get at other schools. Although there is not much of a campus (it's literally one building) you have all of the city instead including the beautiful parks, beaches, shopping, museums, libraries, etc. There's great public transportation to everywhere you want or need to go. The school itself is great - small classes, lots of individual attention.


I like this school because it is very convenient for me to be here. It is very close to my home, grocery stores, mall and shops. If there is any time between my classes I can easily go anywhere I want instead of staying at the campus until my next class.