Roosevelt University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school would be a passionate one. This school strongly and proudly stand by their Social Justice Mission and has worked for many years toward a more diverse and inclusive campus and community. Roosevelt university has come such a long way in the realm of social justices that it just keeps growing into something even bigger each year, and that is a perfect environment for someone that has passion and determination.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is really looking forward to actually graduate and be successful in life. Also as well as both of these things that I have already mentioned the person has to be smart enough and take advantage to all of the help that they have to offer at Roosevelt University. They have so many resources that can help them out with their classes so they can pass it with an "A" and the he or she should be prepared for the classes that they might have.


People with open minds should aattend Roosevelt. It is an extremely diverse school that offers many things to thos who are willing to open themselves up to it.


While Roosevelt University's student population is home to various personalities and personal experiences, the best type of person for this school would either be someone who is self-motivated or can recognize when he or she is in need of help and will find the resources they require. The distractions of the being in the inner-city of Chicago, being responsible for yourself and having to realize your limits, may be too much for a student who normally relies on others or is too ashamed to seek out help when essential.


This college is built for any type of prospective student. The opportunities for night classes are great for working adults and graduates who have already begun their careers. Even recent high school graduates will find the course selection intriguing and the academic background of each professor top-rate.


Roosevelt University is definitely for people who see things out of the box. RU is a social justice school, therefore the thinking and psychology used in many of the courses are very liberal, open minded and accepting of all. This is by far one of the most progressive thinking colleges I have had the honor of being in, and I believe that idealy, all RU students should be open to progressive thinking and ideals.


Roosevelt University is made for students who are financially secure. Roosevelt is a great school for students who are use to a smaller school setting. Roosevelt is for students who are loooking to get involved in their community. This school is also for students who are socially aware and crave diversity.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is serious about there future, even if it seems unclear currently, someone who wants to be more than average and do more than average things in class; in life.


A person who is openminded. Roosevelt is a great school for liberal arts, as well business. Someone can be the person they want to be at full potential.


The type of person who should attend this school is anyone with a desire to learn and progress within their mind and educational goals.


This school is very diverse. Everyone here is completely different. Many different ethnicities, backgrounds. etc. Everyone has their own little world and level of inteligence.


Hard working, talented people.