Roosevelt University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Roosevelt for me, was the small classes. I knew all my teachers, and my classmates, which made me more involved. The teachers there really seemed to take personal interest in each of us.


The campus is small, diverse, and friendly. The presentation of the school is well kept. There are many professors who are kindhearted and helpful,


The location. Chicago is the greatest city and it is awesome walking around campus.


I like that it's really clean, that my advisor is really helpful, and that there is a focus on social justice and environmental/green living. Most of the professors are really helpful, encouraging and help make one's experience more memorable and likeable. The students are very career-oriented, which was a nice change from the commuity college I transferred in from, as it felt more like a party school. Although the coursework often times seems unbearable especially near the end of the semester, I wouldn't change it, because I've learned and accomplished a lot through it.


I think being a part of my particular degree program is the best thing about my school. I enjoy the classes within my degree and the ability to learn more about my chosen field. It gives me hope and excitement about my future.


The small classroom sizes. Its nice to have a class with a maximum of 20 people, this allows one on one time with the professor.


My school is well diverse in culture. My school is open minded on different cultures and transgender.


I consider the best about Roosevelt University is that the classes are small and each student is able to form a relationship with the professors. Many students prefer to know about their professors and be able to go to the professor when an issue arises. With one-to-one help, the students are most likely to form relationships with the professors.


The people and staff are extreamly nice and seem to want to help their students succeed while at the university. I have not even attended a single class yet and I have never felt more welcomed in a place every. I know that I am going to succeed at Roosevelt and finally get my degree.


The diversity offered, in the student body, in the surrounding area, and in the classes.


Almost everyone at the school is friendly, and honestly want to help you succeed. It makes it a lot easier to get through a difficult semester when the instructors care about you as a person, instead of the grades you get. If something happens in your personal life, the faculty will do everything they can to help you through it.




The best thing about Roosevelt is the professors. The career services department is awesome. They have alot of placement sites that you can get a job at. They make sure you have what you need to graduate. They place you in a field and you have hours toward what you want to do.


the best thing is that students from depaul, roosevelt, and columbia all live in the university center so it gives you the oppurtunity to meet all different types of people. Also, the building is very nice and clean and everything you need is under one roof.


I love my school because it is close to everything. It is close to the Chicago Library, Grant Park, Millenium Park, and many other places. Academically, I feel it challenges me, I like being motivated to consistently do my best. I feel the small classrooms gives students the opportunity to have a close relationship with the instructor and do not feel like they are just "another student." This provides the best way for students to succeed.