Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Top Questions

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Don't go there. Over priced ($40k a year), over rated (high US News rank, but employers don't read them), boring and in a culturally stagnant area (Terre Haute, IN is the arm pit of America). The education is of a high quality. National recognition, social life, surrounding city life, geographical placement, and basically any other factor make it a terrible choice for getting your education. Most alumni will tell you how terrific and awesome it is. What they will fail to tell you is that you will accumulate well over $100k in student loan debt and be unable to get a job outside of Indiana. If you had a 4.0 in high school effortlessly and scored a 1500 on your SAT, you will do well at Rose and beyond. But with those stats, you will do well at any school and wherever you go after that, so why condemn yourself to a completely awful college experience?


Rose is a very small school and it reminds me of high school. In some instances, this is a good, but after visiting some bigger schools this year, I realized that this may not have been the best choice for me. However, because of its reputation as the top undergrad engineering school in the country, the jobplacement rate is still decent in a crap economy and this is a comforting thought.


I have never been a part of such an amazing community, and I have met people here that I know I will remain in contact with forever. Rose-Hulman is the best.


I'm glad I chose this school over some of the bigger alternatives. Sure, I'm missing out on big college football days but I'm getting a specialized education instead. I'd definitely choose Rose-Hulman again.


Everyone is studying engineering and it is a lot of help when everyone can help you with your homework. Also, everyone has the same amount of work load and no one has an easy major.


The strongest commitment from professors and the strongest community feel of any i searched.


It is a really close knit place. There is a sense that everyone is part of one big familiy, I never felt lost or just like another number. I have never felt unsafe or unsure of myself here.