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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back into time to talk with myself as a high school senior I would say a few things. First thing is to focus on your studies, and practice good studying habits. Second would be to make better choices in my very day life. Thirdly, set high, good, safe obtainable goals, and standards for my future and stick to them. To always put God first and to allow Him to lead and direct my path. Lastly, would be to ask God to grant wisdom, knowledge, and full understanding for my studies, and my life in general.


Try as hard as you can, and do not overload yourself with college work. Getting your college courses out of the way quick sounds good now, but three months down the road you will more than likely have to pay for a course you did not complete, because you overloaded yourself. Study as much as you can, and do not take a job that makes you work more than twenty-five hours, because that is more than enough hours of working in one week with school.


The advice I would give myself is to NOT RUSH anything. We go through high school so eager to graduate and move out. But the truth is, you're never as independent as you think you are in high school. I've recently realized how much I need my mom, although my high school self wouldn't understand. Sometimes you just need comfort and encouragement even if you're an "adult". From paying 2 bills a month as a senior, to 15 bills as a sophomore. Take you're time, have a little more fun because I would do anything to move back in with my parents and have minimum responsibilities.. But this is the "real world" I was so anxious to live in.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that it's possible to start over. I quit in 2006 after not even a full semester. I didn't feel like I could do it and I was going through alot in my life. I used those excuses for 3 years. Then I decided in 2009 to go back to school and I got straight aa's and a 4.0. I never even did that in High school. This has been so valuable to me because I see that if I try then anything is possible. I have gotten so much out of this experience. Some of the things i've gotten otu of it have been never give up on your dremas. Know that anything you want to achieve is within your reach.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that college is a different standard than high school. I was devastated when, during my freshman year, I earned a "C" in a class. To me, graduating 5th in my high school class was an accomplishment. I didn't realize that college was full of people who were top of their class. I would tell myself not to stress out so much, take time and enjoy college.


I would tell myself that unlike high school , college is a choice and you have to want it bad enough. The transition is a hard one, no one is there to make you go to classes and you have to do the work and you have no babysitter in college. I would tell myself that its a big step, a step to adult hood.


I would definently take college level courses and test for them. I would tell myself to take advantage of all the opportunities offered that would help me succeed and get ahead in college.


Brenda, I know you do not want to think about college right now, but you need to listen. You will go to college, but it will not be what you expect. You have a few years before college so, calm down, and listen to your older self. College is a lot of hard work, but you can do it. Just follow these guidelines, which will enable you to thrive scholastically. Make it your goal to attend every time your class meets. Read every chapter assigned, before the class lecture about the information in the chapter. If that is not possible, you may read it before you are tested on that information. Communicate with your professors: they are there to help you learn. They will work with you, to enable you to learn all you need to know. Do extra credit as often as you can. Most importantly, take the homework one day at a time. You cannot learn everything listed on the syllabus on the first day of class. Learning is a process, which takes repetition. This is why you need to read chapters, attend class, and communicate with your professors when you do not understand. You will do great!


I would say to myself its time for a change, stop palying and get to work. the college life is so fun you dont want to miss it .


If I could go back in time to talk to my-self, I would say: Power through college! You should have never taken that ?Break? after getting your Associates Degree. That ?Break? turned into a 12 year hiatus. In the grand scheme of life, college is not that difficult. There will be much greater challenges in life than the 4 years that you?ll spend in college. That was 4 years that you?ll only half-way complete because ?You were tired of going to school?. You?ll miss out on advancement opportunities in your career simply because you don't have a 4 year degree. Going back to school later in life you?ll miss out on time with your family because you?re busy completing your degree. Working life?s schedule with school in it, is much harder after accumulating so many responsibilities. You wont resent your life for not continuing with school. You?ll just realize that things weren?t as hard as you thought. So, don?t stop going to school. 4 years is minuscule when compared to the rest of your life.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to go straight to college after high school, even if i'm not sure of my major. It is to hard to make it in this world without a college degree. If I would have gone straight to college from high school then i would have already had my career started and would not have waisted so much time. Without college education I am making 7.50-8.00 an hour verses 15.00-16.00 an hour with a college degre


I probably would tell myself not to push myself quite so hard my first semester in college. I overloaded myself with courses that required a lot of work, and therefore wasn't really able to make a smooth transition from high school into college. I felt overwhelmed and rushed all the time... and in the end, it is the major reason why I dropped all my classes my first semester of college, then failed the next semester. Nowadays, I take only as many courses as I can handle and afford. Yes, it itakes longer because I have the whole family/house/car/job thing going on, but I feel that I bring more experience and more dedication to the classroom.


Since I was a single mother in high school I would explain all the benefits and rewards of attending college. It is a lot easier going from high school to college because you do not have that extra time to forget everything. It is easier to continue where you left off. Also, there are so many programs and scholarships to help students attend college , continuing and completing your education creates more opportunity for adults. College life is really not much different than high school, the classes are longer and harder, but you don't take them as often and you have more time to study. Most colleges offer tutoring that are not for dorks but to help you. Apply for all the scholarships that you can find and stay away as much as possible from student loans. Remember that what you do in college will follow you. Do your best and stay away from the rest.


The best advice that I could give myself about college life and making the transition from high school to college is to not be afraid to try something new. Excuses are what keep people from accomplishing their dreams and are easy to use when classes are thought of as being hard or complex, interests are left unexplored because they are considered unpopular or offbeat, and thoughts are not given a voice out of fear from ridicule or rejection. Do not fear a major because of how hard it is, a task because of its complexities, a group or club because it is considered different, or any idea, no matter how far fetched it might be. In short, trust in the fact that goals can be achieved and that you should believe that your goals, no matter how long they may take or how difficult they may be, are reachable.

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