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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

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What's unique about your campus?

The best thing about Rowan Cabarrus Community College is the availability of classes. After graduating high school I had no idea where I would attend college. I was rejected by my dream college and I felt like a failure. Due to Rowan Cabarrus' expanding availability of biotechnology classes I decided to apply. I went on from there to acquire two associates degrees.

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It's close to home, small enough to get individual assistance as needed, but big enough to not be singled out. The other students there are within my age bracket. They offer evening classes that allow me to work third shift and still attend the school and they offer online classes. I can take more credit hours because of it.

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I like it cause its a smaller school and i feel like i get more one on one time with the teachers. I have liked every teacher i have had in the last two years. They are very fair and will do anything to help you!

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