Rowan University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Rowan University is a place where all the student body as well as the faculty is willing to encourage and help one another to achieve their goals. Some classes feel similiar to a family working and learning together. The coarses here are both useful and challenging to the students. My mother attended Rowan University, she became a successful Mathematics teacher due to her influential studies, with her great experience there, she explained to me that it would be wise for me that Rowan to be my top choice to go to college. I took her advice and I'm grateful.


Rowan University is becoming more prestigious, culturallly diverse and opportune-filled everyday, finding everyone a home and offering plenty of new experiences for all!


It is very community oriented.


Rowan University is an expanding and diverse school, located in a suburban community which is student focused.


This school is thrilling in the sense that every day feels like an adventure to me.


It's a small school with a big heart because it offers a wide variety of learning experiences, and the individual success of each and every student is paramount, regardless of the field that is being pursued.


My school is a quality college with great professors and staff who will help a student with anything they need.


its a great school to great education


Full of life and challenging.


Rowan University allows for students to be themselves, accepts them for who they are, and will hopefully continue to do an amazing job at keeping their students doing very well academically.


I am a extremely well rounded, hardworking person who enjoys a wide range of activities such as sports, reading, painting, photography, music, shopping, working out, hanging out with my friends, and studying.


Rowan University is a great school for a variety of majors, including education and engineering. There are many free activities on the weekends and throughout the week to give students a chance to socialize and relax. The school has a good atmosphere and allows for a good balance of hard work and socializing.


It is an awesome place to be with a lot of friendly people always looking for a good time.


A very diverse school with many different majors to choose from.


Rowan University is trying to become Rutgers Junior.


Rowan is a good school, but it's not in the greatest location.


Filled with a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff, Rowan University has a positive, welcoming environment that encourages learning, research, and an understanding of one's surrounding environment.


It is a great place to become part of academically and socially


Rowan is a great school for education or engineering because of the amazing professors and strict course schedule that really prepares you for those careers.


Rowan is its own adjective.


Professionalism that strives for excellence and reaches goals.


It is really small and they say they are going to do things but nothing ever happens.


The perfect choice for a kid who maybe doesn't know what they want but is eager to learn.


I am a fun athletic competitive kid


If you ask for help, most of the faculty will do as much as they can to try and help you.