Rowan University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


tough and rigid for STEM students but manageable. non stems have a much easier time.


The English department is amazing. The professors are really smart and will challenge you to become a better writer. Class participation is crucial in some classes, but less in general ed classes. The difficulty level depends on your major and your grasp on the subject, but I've found my classes to be challenging but still manageable. If you work hard, you will at least get Bs. All professors offer office hours, although students rarely go.


The professors are Rowan are great. In my time there, I made connections with the faculty in my major and even members not within my major. They take the time to get to know you and make the experience that much more personal.


Tons of major, school is ranked highly for it's Music and Educational department.


Rowan offers some pretty interesting classes and there are tons of interesting professors in each major that you can't miss out on. Although a lot of people talk about drinking/partying at Rowan, the average Rowan student puts his/her school work first. I have only seen a few students in dorms leave their doors open. You don't want random strangers (usually drunkards) popping in on you & making themselves comfortable. Rowan always have guest speakers, concerts and there are multiple plays put on throughout the year. Out of my closest friends at Rowan, one was my roommate and the other dormed in the same building and was a fellow classmate my Freshmen year.


All of my professors know my name and I love that about Rowan. My favorite class was History of American Art with Professor Adelson! Class participation is required in all of my classes and students are very competitive in classe. The most unique class I took was Classical Sociological Theory, it made me think of things one would not normally think of. I am in the education department with a dual major in American studies. The department for education is great but American studies is lacking. Some of the academic requirements for my major are unreasonable, for example comparative politics and classical sociological theory. I'll never need them.


Classes are in short numbers, usually a maximum of 30 which gives more interaction with the professors. Rowan was originally a college for education and fine arts but now is getting more attention in the science and engineering programs.


All the professors know my name because I am a grad student and I help them


Class size is one of the main reasons I chose Rowan. I've never been in a class of more than 30 students, and all of my professors have known me by my first name. The faculty genuinely cares about the students, and if there's a new professor, or even an old one, who isn't doing a good job, there's always a superior willing to listen and make changes. Being an English and Writing Arts double major, I love almost all my professors, and have taken classes with the same professors repeatedly.


I know that the Chemistry department staff is on the small side, so you can make connections with your professors.


I have not been at Rowan for very long, but I have only had one bad experience with one professor. Other than that, my professors have been great. The course material is hands-on and I really enjoy all of my classes.


Surprisingly, most of my professors have learned my name as well as all the other student's names. This creates a more personal classroom experience and helps students and professors to make stronger connections.


class sizes are good. professors learn your name pretty quick, and that makes it easier to build a relationship with them. since they know who you are, it's easy to approach them with questions or concerns.


Classes are small, which can be good or bad depending on the professor. Quality of teaching is hit-or-miss, I've had some professors who are great and really seem to care about their students and some who arbitrarily hand out grades. I would suggest asking around for professor recommendations, I've done it and everyone is really helpful - the bad professors are widely acknowledged to be so, even by their colleagues. A lot of Rowan is geared towards the workforce, so there isn't a huge breadth of classes to take, but there's enough to fill four years if you are willing to go outside your major and take classes for the sake of taking classes.


Classes are a great size. I've only had one class that had more than 30 students and the professor still knew my name. A lot of the times for intro classes you get the "big university feel" because one class period will be with all the intro classes, and another class period will be strictly with your professor so you get the best of both worlds. Another great thing about that is you get to experience all the professors and you get to know which teaching styles you would like the best for future reference. Don't be afraid to ask professors for their opinions based on your preferred teaching style. Most of them love to help. Many people still think of Rowan as a teacher's college, but it is soooo much more. Our communications department has won numerous awards and our engineering program is sky-rocketing. I'm a PR major and there are so many activities to get involved in to enhance my education- it's great!