Rowan University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Rowan is the perfect school for someone who is looking for a school that's not too big and not too small. The school has so much to offer and has something to make everyone satisfied.


When I did a tour a year a go, I just enjoyed the environment and the feel that the school gave off. The professors and administrators I met were friendly and informative. I look forward to attending in the spring.


I am really happy with the education I got from Rowan University. The professors are excellent, and will often go far above and beyond the call of duty for their students. The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly- from my experience in the music department, most of the time people are willing to help each other out. With any school, you'll get out what you put in- at Rowan, if you invest your time and energy wisely, the payoffs will be huge.


Best thing about Rowan is definitely the people. If you make the smallest effort to go out and meet people, you will. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Worst thing, would have to be parking.


Good school. Lots of different majors to choose from. Big D3 sports school, plenty of extracurricular activities and good teacher to student ratio.


The best thing about Rowan is that the size of the campus and classes are impressive. "You aren't just a number or another face." The professors are always looking out for the students' best interests and will not hesitate to help out however they can. Two things I would change is parking closer to dorms on the Bunce side of campus and the ability to use your daily meal plan meals at whatever time you want. When I tell people I go to Rowan, they usually have no idea where it is, which is understandable. I spend most of my time on campus, walking around Glassboro, going to the mall or driving to Philly. It is very rare that I go home. I think Glassboro is becoming more and more of a college town, there are a few shops and diners around that are worth visiting or taking a stroll over to. I think there is a lot of school pride within the school clubs, sororities and fraternities, not so much everyone else. We like it there but we don't go out of our way to yell it from the mountaintops.


The best thing about Rowan is the size of the school. There are enough students where you see different people everyday but you still see familar faces. When i tell people i go to Rowan they always ask me where it is. I spend most of my time in my apartment or friends' apartments outside of classes. Rowan is not located in a collegetown at all. We do not have much school pride, I wish we had more.


The school size is perfect, you can meet people from different majors since it is not a very big school. People usually gets together at the town bars (Landmark and Main st.) or in some friend's house (usually the best place to hang out). The curriculum program for engineering is one of the nation's best! They have a lot of interaction with the industry which gives many opportunities to get experience and jobs.


The engineering department is very good.


Rowan is a great sized school, even with the expansion that's taking place, you can walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes. As a freshman it's a little hard to find things to do within walking distance, but once you have a car on campus there are movie theaters, restaurants, a mall, and Philly all within a half hour drive.


Honestly, the school is great. I have been to three other schools, and Rowan ranks number one by far. The faculty are great, the classes are small and challenging the food is alright, and the opportunities are endless. I think the biggest problem here are some of the students. They love to complain about anything they can. It may be a generational thing, but sometimes, I think a lot of the complainers here need to grow up. Rowan is a great school to go to.


Rowan University is the perfect sized school. There are rarely over 30 students in my classes so it is easy to understand the material and ask questions. Also it is big enough to where I see new faces every day.


personally, i like how different the location of rowan is compared to my hometown. it's a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere down here. the people are friendly, and everyone seems to get along.


I would definitely change the food - I haven't eaten in the cafe since freshman year and I'm glad of it. I think a lot of times the administration doesn't work with students, there seems to be a huge dichotomy between what we need or ask for and what we're given. School pride varies between the cheerleaders who are ridiculous and the kids who probably couldn't tell you the name of the college if you asked.


The best thing about Rowan is the location to Philly. It's really convenient for internship purposes and nightlife. I also like the size of the campus. I thought about going to a large university for the longest time and on rainy and bitter freezing cold days I'm so thankful that I didn't! One thing I would change is the cafeteria menu on weekends- they don't offer as much as they do on weekdays, but my friends and I just save our 'Boro Bucks to order take-out on weekends. We end up having a lot of fun on those nights just because we're doing something different. On another note, don't fear the construction. We're trying to expand the campus, but it should be completed in 2010. Also, it's far enough from the dorms that you can't hear it. Most minor construction that was happening on campus is already completed. As part of the project, Rowan is building a Barnes & Noble and a Starbucks, along with other college-town stuff.