Rowan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




The ones from New Jersey, since that is all that goes there.


They should be driven and dtermined to work hard.


An outgoing, outspoken person should attend Rowan University. Rowan University is filled with people who just want to belong and become friends but you have to be the type to speak up first.


In the past, it seemed like Rowan was a 2nd-choice school for most atendees. Lately however, the school has taken efforts to really spruce up the surrounding areas, as well as solidify its status as a great school for math, science, engineering, and music. Therefore, I would recommend any student who is interested in any of the above areas. A prospective student can also get a taste of Glassboro, as well as the currently being built "college-town" area, which is more modern, but in a personal and quaint kind of way. Philadelphia and the beach are also nearby.


A person that loves to live in a college town type of environment. Also a student that loves school work because this unversity loves to give homework.


However, if you have initiative, are a self starter and not afraid of independance, then Rowan University is for you! If you are mature enough to balance your classwork and pledging a fraternity or sorority; play a sport; become part of the student government, then by all means apply. As long as you are making an effort to succeed, your Advisor will be available and the faculty will work with you. The President of Rowan has an open door policy and welcomes input for students.. There is off campus housing available, the food is great and check out the pub.


a student who is willing to put in extra effort


Someone who doesn't want a ridiculously large school like Rutgers but not a small unknown school. This school is for someone who wants to be known by their professors and who works well in a small classroom setting. Most of all this school is for someone who is self motivated and who wants to make their ideas reality because the connections are great.


This school is great for students who are looking for a small state school. As an in state student the expense of the school is managable and the small class size allows for more personal attention from professors. If you are looking for more of a community feel but want the lower expense this is a great school.


Are person that would like to attend a small school beacause Rowan is small.


Someone who should consider going to Rowan University are students who would be more sucessful in a small setting. At Rowan, classes do not exceed more than 40 students and most of the professors in your intended major, will know more than your name before the first semester is through.


The type of person who should attend Rowan University should be a person who is well rounded. Someone who takes their education seriously, but also is able to relax and have fun once in a while. The school provides so many clubs to encourage students to keep doing the things they like, while also getting a quality education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is looking to be a teacher, or plans on studying some type of Engerineering program. But the school aslo provides a varitey of diffrent things to study in and you will get the past education that will perpare you for your future career.


The type of person who attends Rowan University should be driven, willing to work hard, and be serious about school and their chosen major. Students considering the College of Education should be prepared, because the program is very challenging and time intensive, yet incredibly rewarding.


Someone who likes a rural area, wants to concentrate on their studies, and environmentaly concerned.


Rowan University is an outstanding university known for various majors, one being education which is why I choose to attend. A person who is dertermined and focused on reaching their goals should make Rowan their first choice. Professors and advisors are always available and enhance programs by adding additional programs such as reading certification. However, only a person who wants to do thier best and build an impressive resume would appreciate these benefits.


If you grew up in a really normal suburb and don't want to leave your comfort zone than this place is exactly what you'relooking for. It's fairly quiet, easy to avoid trouble and small enough that you can get around and know just about everyone you'd need to after being there a semester. People are pretty easy going and the classes are informative without being overly difficult.


I think this school is really good for any type of person. I have met so many different kinds of people here. Everyone is very accepting and friendly.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is hard-working and determinated.


Someone who is looking to go to a smaller school, and wants to be able to ask teachers questions and get answers during class. Being socially active is a plus because there is always something going on, and you will meet tons of different people. being open minded about life in general is also a good trait to have.


Someone that can apperciate being close to Philadelphia and who isn't looking for a high level of quality in the surrounding town. Glassboro is in essence a crumbling urban community in South Jersey. Rowan is slowly rebuilding the town. The University deserves more credit then they get for being the only thing that puts Glassboro on the map. This school is great for education or engineering majors. Both subjects are housed in brand new state of the art buildings furnished with computer labs of Macs. Rowan is one of the top ten schools in the coutry for Engineering


People who like to party seem to love it here.


someone who is well rounded and isn't afraid of new things or new experiences. This school offers a lot of diverse experiences as well as outlets for future opportunities.


Anyone interested in Rowan University should be a determined, motivated individual that is ready to learn and experience great campus life. He or she should be ready to take on challenges presented by various professors. The faculty and staff at Rowan are willing and able to help a student that needs guidance in their education, as long as the student is ready to put forth some effort and continue to be motivated to complete his or her college career.


Its cheap so someone who is still figuring out what they want to do and want to stay close to home in the process


A determined and focused person should be attending this school. This is knowledge you will use for the rest of your life so make sure you absorb as much as you possibly can. If you want to have a great career and do what you love in life then this is the school to get the skills you need to do so.


I believe that this school is open for all different kinds of people. There are so many different kinds of people at the school already, so I believe that so many people would fit into this school.