Rust College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Attending Rust College the worst thing I would say about the school is the dorms. I say this because as a student the dorms that we have to live in are not comfortable at all. Being a student and having to live with many different females with very different personalities, they can be very nasty. If the dorms are put together very sloppy then they female students who live there are going to treat the dorms as if it's not there home where they have to stay. Thats the worst thing about Rust College.


The wost thing about this school, I would say is the food. The reason i say this is because Rust College does not offer a varity of different food that the students would like to eat.


I consider the campus life and dorm life to be the worst thing about my school because their physical appearance are not up to par at all.


i think the worst thing to consider about my school is where it is located. at my school there is not a mall down the street you have to drive a minute to get to one of those, i think my school is in the country. i also think that the fraternities and sororities can have more people in them because at my school there is not many apart of greek life. the last thing is some people think the work is not challenging but i guess everyone has there on opinion.