Rutgers University-New Brunswick Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Rutgers has something for everyone.


My school is the flagship campus of a large state school with great research opportunities and a good number of fields of study.


I attend the Rutgers School of Engineering. All of my professors have an extensive knowledge of their subjects, and they can make even the most boring Calculus class into something intriguing. Rutgers New Brunswick is a huge school, home to about 35,000 students, but it is as small as you make it. Students and faculty are both extremely friendly.There is a massive amount of school spirit; on the day before football games, classes are a sea of scarlet t-shirts.


Rutgers is THE college of New Jersey.


Rutgers University is a great big melting pot, in which there is always a place for someone no matter their interests or how they identify themselves.


Rutgers is very diverse and friendly.


A very diverse urban type school with all of the qualities an individual could want out of a large university.


R U Ready?


Diverse, stimulating, and overall, the best 4 years of my life.


There is a lot of diversity that's for sure. That scares most people but for the Rutgers crowd it's just another reason why we love it. College is all about meeting new people and meeting people who are just like you can get boring sometimes. Being here chances are you'll be meeting someone new everyday


Rutgers is an extremely research oriented school with many opporunities available to help advance you towards your career that are only found if you actively search for it.


To someone that has never even heard a discription of Rutgers New Brunswick, I would start by saying that the schools surrounding environment is very resourceful. The city of New Brunswick surrounds our campus, offering hundreds of restaurants to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night sandwiches at. The city offers all of the essentials that a college student needs, from hair cuts to groceries, one will find what they need here. There are four main campuses here. We have Busch campus which is where the athletic fields are located. One will find the football stadium here, massive soccer fields that students use for soccer, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and a track to run around and exercise. It also has the Werblin Recreation center, with an olympic sized pool, racquet ball courts(7 i believe), basketball courts, volleyball courts(inside and out), and a gym to lift wieghts. Next there is the Livingston Campus which is under construction and beginning to look even more beautiful. A great new addition to the campus is the new dining hall that was just put up this year, making the dining experience much better. There are new dorms in the making, accustoming our new prospective students, basketball courts, gymnasium with inside basketball courts, fitness room, and about seven tennis courts outside which is where I spend a good amount of my time at;) The Cook/Douglass campus offers the Passion Pond, a beautiful place with benches to study at; I remember successfully reading an entire book there for one of my classes there with ease and comfort. The dining halls here are quite suiting, giving dining options for whatever mood a student is in. The College Avenue campus is the one that I have become most familiarized with this year, my sophomore year. There are two gyms here to choose from, the Easton Ave gym and College Ave gym, both within minimal walking distance of one another. There is a swimming pool just as there is one at Busch Campus, as well as basketball, and tennis. Many classes that students will be attending, unless they are engineer or pychology majors whcih would be Busch campus mainly, will be located here at College Ave. This is where the city of New Brunswick connects with the campus. All the restaurants and even attractions such as plays and musical attractions will be found here. The well known "Frat Row" will be found here with the students who decided to join the greek life. Each Rutgers campus has different things to offer students, and experiencing what each campus has to offer is just one of the fun adventures each student that attends Rutgers will embark on.


When I first arrived at Rutgers, I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty it is. Like all big schools, there are some... not so beautiful parts, but other areas are really very nice. Livingston Campus is, in my opinion, the ugliest campus, with College Avenue and Douglas being the nicest. College Avenue is nice because there are all the old buildings that date back to when it was Queen's college in 1766. There's a lot of brick and giant old trees on the mall (where the bulk of the classrooms are). Douglas is very woodsy, with a more spread-out, relaxed feel than College Avenue. It has ponds and cute little bridges. Busch campus is neither an eyesore nor particularly pretty.


Rutgers University may be overwhelming at first glance. It is composed of four campus' and we have about thirty thousand students here both on campus and commuting. Diversity is a trait that we take pride in here at RU. One will notice many different cultural backgrounds roaming in unison with one another throughout the campus. On one block one might see a church, on another, a synagogue. Students are accepted by eachother here, maturity is a must for applying students. In all, Rutgers is a comfortable place, and it feels like home in no time.


This is hard to answer quickly considering Rutgers has four large campuses. I guess if you want a linear image of our campuses, it would go from Cook/Douglass to College Avenue to Busch to Livingston. Cook/Douglass is like the country. It's quiet, has lots of big fields everywhere, and RUPD stroll around on horseback. The Rutgers farm is even located on this campus. The famous Passion Puddle is at the tip of this campus and during spring/summer, it's beautiful. If there was a campus to take a nice photo shoot, this would be it. College Ave is a fairly small campus as it revolves around one street really. This is the NYC of Rutgers, where the life of the party is. People are up and around at all hours of the day on this campus. Everything is located nicely on this campus; the dining hall, computer lab, and student center are all by each other. The dorms are next to these buildings and more over are the classroom buildings. Once you go down route 18 a bit, you hit Busch and it's probably the biggest campus of them all. It can get a bit confusing but if you were to look down at Busch campus, the student center would be the bullseye. In the next ring are most of the classroom buildings. The furthest ring are the dorms, some of which are new. The last campus is Livingston. As of right now, it looks like the entire campus is a construction site. Kids used to hate Livi because it was also the middle of nowhere and where nothing happened or there was nothing to do. RU has decided to update it so there are new dorms and new business school buildings going up right now. This campus isn't that complicated. If you stood in front of the student center and went from left to right, you would see the gym, then the dorms, then a bunch of classroom buildings, and then finally the student center. All the campuses, for the most part, are clean and well-maintained. College Ave is probably the messiest, seeing as students party there almost every weekend and flyers are thrown around like it's the week before Black Friday shopping.


Myschool is a very good school in terms of the educational opportunities. There are hundreds of classes to choose from that help guide you towards your intended major. Although the work is hard, it causes you to stay on top of your game and study hardd. The courses are interesting as well as challenging which causes a continuation of taking higher forms of classes that are available. The campuses are easy to maneuver around and there are tos of social clubs and club sports to chose from to keep you active and busy.


My school is very big, very overwhelming and seemingly definite yet, throughout the four years I spent navigating through the hustle and bustle of the crowded, diverse campus, at times feeling lost, I was surprised to learn about and to develop myself along the way.


Rutgers University is the most ethnically and culturally diverse place I have ever been to, which is great for people who want to know more about the world and all that it has to offer.


Rutgers is exciting and challenging.


Rutgers University is a very large and diversified institution that lives up to its infamous reputation of being a top-notch university in America by offing hundreds of majors, which really gives undergrads who have no dircetion many options.


Rutgers is an upstanding, accredited university that is bursting with a vast array of opportunities and has a campus that is as aesthetically diverse as the people that populate it.


My school is amazing in that the teachers are really good at what they teach and they try to help the students as much as possible.


Rutgers University is a fun, diverse and academically challeneging school.


A highly enriching environment, with more opportunities than I am probably aware of, in a very beautiful location.


Large school with many research opportunities available to grad and undergrad students.


Rutgers University is a large research college with a dedicated and reliable staff, multiple facilities for every purpose, and accommodations for every student, that is focused on creating a positive and enjoyable environment for students who are motivated and seek to continue their education at a school where there are opportunities and experiences around every corner so that success is attainable, and one can find their place in the world by leaving with a sense of who they are and assurance of what they are capable of becoming.


Diverse, encouraging, and challenging are thee three words that sum up what Rutgers university is; although the school is challenging they provide enough support to get one through it, the support instead only in academics but also socially which are the two supports that students need if they want to succeed.


At my school learning stopped at the classroom and its students mostly talked of partying.


Rutgers is a society of highly motivated students that believe in playing as hard as they work.


The most unique college experience on the east coast.; however it is what YOU make of it.


At this school there is every type of person that you could ever meet.


My school is a multi-cultural diverse academic institution, which caters to every ethnicity and cuture in the world.


Rutgers-New Brunswick is a large research-oriented university with many campuses and diverse opportunities for learning.


Rutgers is a really large instiution which prides itself on it's extensive history and research power, but its faculty and staff is often unhelpful and leave students - whom must be either higly self-motivated or they will get lost in the shuffle - to their own devices.


It is a ulturally diverse institution that is large enough for everyone to fit into a group.


Rutgers University is a very diverse campus with thousands of students from all different backgrounds and thousands of classes, all taught by unique professors whos goal it is to make each student a better and more dedicated student and person.


To quote the New York Times, "Rutgers University is inarguably America's smartest, cockiest party school; the only school in history to reject their Ivy League Invitation," --Rutgers students are very big on the social scene, whilest maintaining high levels of academic achievement, making us all think we got the whole college thing figured out a bit more than the student from the next school over.


Rutgers is the best school ever.


Rutgers University is a large, diverse area where anyone everyone will succeed in their choice of major.


A large university that truly has something to offer everyone if you just look hard enough to find it. School spirit and large classes are in abundance, yet specific programs and majors can make the university seem smaller.


Rutgers is a flourishing, diverse community with plentiful, yet not well advertised resources, variety of activities, and a focus on all-roundedness.


The university I attend is by far the most diverse and cultural campus I have been on .


A place that puts worthy academics, culture, personalities together.


My school is a very large school with intelligent students and provides them with many opportunities to be successful through its difficult curriculum and great professors.


Rutgers is an urban, large cultural learning institution.


Perfect educational environment for those ionterested in research & going far in thei careers.


A liberal arts school that offers a breadth of knowledge easily attainable.


Rutgers is amazing!


Rutgers is a research focused university that grants its students many wonderful opportunities by allowing them to work closely with its respected faculty.


A large school that feels more like a small community. full of school spirit .